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Fast-Tracking Hiring: The Breakthrough Approach of TryMania

TryMania excels at tailoring unparalleled solutions for distinctive tech hiring requirements, guaranteeing flawless matches without fail

TryMania excels at connecting top-tier, pre-screened talent with a diverse array of companies, including international giants. Their mission? To revolutionize the hiring process, making it swift, seamless, and supremely effective. Boasting a proven track record and prestigious partnerships with institutions like the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), TryMania has an unparalleled understanding of recruitment needs.

Their promise is bold: hire pre-screened candidates ten times faster. Utilizing cutting-edge automated pre-screening and sourcing technology, TryMania fills job positions within a remarkable 48 hours. This rapid approach not only speeds up hiring but also slashes costs and guarantees high-quality candidates tailored to your exact requirements and company culture. Say goodbye to drawn-out hiring processes that drag on for months; with TryMania, it’s a matter of days.

Trust is their cornerstone, as evidenced by partnerships with over 50 globally recognized companies. Advanced technology drives their process, ensuring only the crème de la crème reaches the interview stage. Collaborations with top institutions grant access to exceptional talent and the latest industry trends. TryMania crafts bespoke solutions for unique hiring needs, ensuring the perfect match every time.

Partnering with TryMania means prioritizing efficiency, quality, and client satisfaction. Their dedicated team is relentless in ensuring a smooth, effective hiring experience. Discover the TryMania difference and transform your hiring process today.

In an exclusive conversation with The Interview World, Krish Kishore, the visionary Founder of TryMania, dives into his path as a dynamic young digital entrepreneur. He reveals profound insights into the company’s innovative offerings. Here are the pivotal highlights from his interview.

Q: Despite your young age, you have achieved significant success as an entrepreneur. Could you share some insights into your entrepreneurial journey and the key factors that have contributed to your success?

A: Absolutely. At just 19 years old, I’m a dedicated student with a fervent passion for entrepreneurship that ignited during my school years. My journey began with the founding of Cartup India, an e-commerce aggregator, back in ninth grade—an achievement honored with the esteemed Indian Achievers Award.

Currently immersed in my first year of a combined BBA and MBA program in Management, I am fervently pursuing a deeper understanding of business dynamics. In 2023, I ventured into founding TryMania, a tech recruitment powerhouse dedicated to sourcing the top 1% of developers globally. Our mission is clear: to streamline and elevate recruitment processes for companies spanning Australia, the US, and India, ultimately revolutionizing how businesses secure top-tier talent.

This experience has not only solidified my commitment to entrepreneurship but also underscored the transformative potential of innovation in the tech sector.

Q: Could you provide a detailed explanation of the services your company offers?

A: Our company excels in recruiting top-tier engineers, particularly software developers. When businesses bring us their job specs, we swiftly pinpoint and deliver the ideal candidates. This streamlined approach not only meets exacting requirements but also slashes their recruitment timelines.

Q: Apart from this industry, are you engaged in any others?

A: We’re laser-focused on the tech industry, exclusively recruiting developers. Recently, I proudly received the esteemed Great Indian Startups Award in recognition of our unwavering commitment.

Q: What is the current scale of your business?

A: I’ve launched and acquired multiple companies, hiring aggressively at Rs. 2-3 crores monthly. Concurrently, I’m deeply immersed in investing in fledgling startups.

Tech Hiring – It’s about finding skill sets; it's about discovering those who can innovate and collaborate
Tech Hiring – It’s about finding skill sets; it’s about discovering those who can innovate and collaborate


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