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Bringing Nature’s Infinite Art Forms in Ornament

Anamika Deb, an aspiring woman hailed from the world’s tea garden, charts her journey as an ace designer of #trinkets and moves to Delhi after her marriage. She continues to pursue her passion in #jewellery design and creates exclusive designs for Nupur Industry. She unfolds her heart while talking to T.I.W.

#1. How do you see your journey from your birthplace?

Initially, it was little tough to move out of my birthplace and pursue my passion in jewellery designing, which is quite remote to the imagination of a girl from #NorthEast. As a woman, jewellery is very close to my heart. During childhood, I was often amazed by the intricate designs and thinking about the process of designing. That thought was a prime driver for my passion in this trade.

#2. How did you get inspired about the #ornament designing art form?

When I was in my school, I had some infatuation towards the various jewellery forms that women around me were mostly wearing. The intricacies, the textures, the brilliance, and shapes, all these made me excited to pursue a career in designing.

#3. When did you start the Nupur Industry?

I started with #NupurIndustry in 2011 and we were the pioneer in seed jewellery in North East. We experimented with seeds of #tamarind, #sandal, and #rudraksh, and the outcome was truly worth mentioning. We received huge response from the market as well.

#4. How many people are associated with your firm?

Ten women are associated with Nupur Industry and they are successfully managing their career while fulfilling the economic needs with great deft.

#5. You are from North East. Does it have any impact on your design arena?

Yes, my ornaments have a little texture influenced by the North-eastern culture.

#6. What kind of market response you are getting?

Market of alternative #jewelleries is expanding these days. We are receiving very positive response from the market. I am sure we can make a mark in the industry through our unique designs. We have received tremendous response from the buyers in various exhibitions across India in #Gujarat, #WestBengal & #Delhi.

#7. What’s the future of this industry?

The future of this industry looks very bright if I go by the response we have received from the market. Moreover, I would urge the government to incentivize this industry and promote such indigenous works around the world.

#8. Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

I would like to see myself as a successful #businesswoman and desire to support other women working in this space to grow up in the value chain.

(Anamika Deb can be contacted at Anamika Bhaskar



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