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Engineer Juicewala: Serving ‘Glass of Health’

Herbal juices have gained popularity in recent years due to their potential health benefits. Manish Kumar, hails from Jahanabad district of Bihar started online health juice venture named Engineer Juicewala in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. He is BTech by education and profession has a dream of making everyone healthy by serving herbal juices of veggies, fruits and herbs. Manish can create unique blends that offer different health benefits and flavors. With dedication, passion, and a focus on quality, Engineer Juicewala has the potential to become a go-to online destination for herbal juices and contribute to people’s health and well-being.

1. Please share the objective of your startup?

The primary objective of a herbal juice cart is to provide customers with healthy and natural beverage options. Herbal juices can offer a range of potential health benefits, and by offering them, you can contribute to promoting wellness in your community. There is a growing interest in herbal and natural products in the society, but availability of authentic product is a challenge. Many people are seeking alternatives to sugary drinks and processed beverages, and herbal juices can be a refreshing and nutritious option.

2. How Engineer Juicewala happened?

After completion of my engineering degree, I was working in startup city Bengaluru. With three friends of mine, we started a tea startup- Kullahad Junction. Initially it got good response, but we couldn’t make it sustainable. In 2019, I came to Noida in search of new job. Here the idea of Engineer Juicewala germinated.  Unfortunately, in 2020 Covid happened, but concern for health has gained much more importance. It has given me confidence that  offering herbal juices can provide people with a natural and nutritious beverage option that promotes health and wellness will be rewarding. Since then there is no looking back.

3. What is your USP?

I do lots of research for better health drinking options. For chronic illness  Indian traditional medicinal practice is having remedies. You have to search for them and ritually use them for better health. At Engineer Juicewala, we emphasis on quality checks by using fresh and high-quality veggies, fruits, and herbs. It is essential to ensure that the juices retain their nutritional value and taste. Recipe development: Experimenting with different combinations and flavors can help create a diverse menu that appeals to a wide range of customers. Offering both pre-designed juice blends and customizable options can cater to various preferences. Moreover, we provide information about the health benefits of different ingredients used in their juices. Educating customers about the specific properties and advantages of each ingredient can help them make informed choices and appreciate the value of herbal juices.

4. Tell about customer response?

We are working towards building a loyal customer base: by  consistently providing high-quality herbal juices and excellent customer service. Word-of-mouth recommendations and positive reviews can help expand our customer reach and contribute to the success of our cart. Starting any business requires careful planning, market research, sourcing quality ingredients, and complying with relevant regulations and permits. It’s essential to create a business plan and consider factors like location, target audience, pricing, and marketing strategies to ensure the success of herbal juice cart. We are ticking all essential boxes to make it a successful project.

5. Do you have expansion plan?

 Keeping the fabulous response in mind, we are planning to expand Engineer Juicewala to various destinations through a franchise sharing model. If someone is interested in opening our franchise, we are ready to provide the necessary support and guidance. This is important because our product requires a lot of customization, and having the right expertise is crucial for maintaining quality and consistency.




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