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Material Magic: Improving the Work Efficiency

SOLMACCA, a South Korean component material company, produces carpet stapler removal, deck and concrete remover, and professional clamps for exports. In a candid interaction with The Interview World, Jae Hyun Jung, CMO, discusses SOLMACCA’s home and professional precision material at the International Hardware Fair India 2023. He offers insights into their component material that increases work efficiency. Here’s a glimpse into the conversation.

Q: Tell us about your products?

A: We have a range of product lines including CrackSOL, StapSOL, and SOLClamp. The StapSOL material line helps remove carpet staplers. Mostly, flooring experts and DIYers use StapSOL in their toolboxes for removing carpet staplers in the home or garden area. Our tools can remove hundreds of staplers in a few minutes. Subsequently, they enhance the efficiency of the floor cleaning job.

Similarly, our CrackSOL material line includes the deck and concrete removers. These products empower cleaners to hard-clean cracks. Our products are lightweight and easy to use. Finally, our third category of material is SOLClamp, which helps professional clamping. Our customers use these products mostly for clamping pipes, cables, and wires. When you are doing a complex job like digging and cleaning a large area, you require clamping.

Q: Do you export products to India?

A: We don’t have any export to India. So, we are here to build up business contacts. Furthermore, our products are very expensive. Our target markets are Europe and the Americas. We are looking for manufacturers in India to license products and share royalty. Because when you manufacture in Korea and export to India, the products become very expensive. So, we are looking for local partners in India who can use our license to manufacture products. Then, we can export our material products to any other country from here.

Q: Have you garnered any prospects from India in this trade fair?

A: Yes, we have several prospects visited our stall. They have discussed with us about the material products that we manufacture. Some prospects are also taking photographs of our displayed products. Since we have patents on our products, we hardly expect any violation of our product designs.

Q: How do you see India as a market?

A: We are not looking at India as a market because our material products are very expensive. What we are looking for now is a manufacturing partner. Moreover, we don’t have an office in India yet. We have headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. Our factory is located at Dalseong-gun, Daegu.

Look at our pricing structure. These as very expensive products. Even if you buy in thousands, the per-unit cost is $4. Some products even cost around $10. What’s important for us now is to find a manufacturing partner in India so that we can produce our products here. Moving forward, we can export to other countries from India as well.

Q: Who are your end customers?

A: Our end customers are the ones focused on gardening and home decoration. Professionals also use our products to increase efficiency and save time.


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