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Reliable and Smart Lighting: Innovating the Future LED

Groz, a leading manufacturer of industrial tools and smart lighting, focuses on precision and durability, boasting a legacy spanning decades. The company delivers innovative solutions across diverse sectors such as automotive, construction, and engineering. Groz’s product range includes cutting-edge hand tools, lubrication equipment, machine shop accessories, and smart lighting. Crafted with meticulous attention to quality, their offerings emphasize user-centric design and advanced technology. Moreover, their philosophy has earned them a global reputation for reliability. Trusted by professionals worldwide, Groz warrants robust, high-performance tools that exemplify excellence and endurance in every task.

In a candid interaction with The Interview World, Vikas Chetwani, AGM of Product Management, discusses Groz’s LED product lines at the International Hardware Fair India 2023. He offers insights into their commitment to quality, precision, and reliability. Here’s a glimpse into the conversation.

Q: Can you share details about your lighting products?

A: Our durable LED lights are designed to withstand challenging conditions on and off work sites. They also provide versatile illumination in expansive areas without compromising manoeuvrability. Moreover, our products bear distinctive designs focused on enhancing productivity. Our LED lights offer top-notch performance and resilience, catering to the daily requirements of professional users.

It’s important to note that our lighting products are tailored for professional users. Whether in an industry or garage setting, lighting work areas requires smartness. Additionally, these lighting products are rechargeable, eliminating the need for dry cells. Ranging from 150 lumens to 7000 lumens, our lights cover a broad spectrum of applications, including high-end use for large industrial areas.

Q: How do your lighting products stand out in the market?

A: We offer a wide variety of feature-rich lighting products designed with consumers in mind. For instance, our lights come equipped with in-built power banks, allowing users to charge their mobile phones in areas with limited light. Moreover, some products feature in-built Bluetooth speakers for those who enjoy listening to music. To address the issue of glare, we design our lighting systems glare-free.

One notable product in our lineup is the world’s first under-hood light, boasting 5000 lumens. These heavy-duty products are unique, featuring aluminum cases instead of plastics. This distinction sets our products apart in terms of durability and reliability.

Q: What smart features do your products incorporate?

A: Our lighting products offer several smart features, including wireless charging options. Users can connect them to cables or use a docking station. Additionally, we have glare-free products and multi-purpose lights known as 3-in-1 lights. These versatile lights can function as torches, foldable lights, and goose-neck lights with a magnetic pickup for small metallic objects. Switching between these functions is easy – just change the light heads as needed. Furthermore, our products utilize Type C technology, enabling fast charging.

Q: Do you manufacture your products in India and export them?

A: Yes, we manufacture LED products in Gurugram, and our focus is primarily on exports. Currently, we export these products to over 85 nations, showcasing our global reach and commitment to providing quality lighting solutions.

Lighting Products of Groz

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