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AdoptedTails is Pet Owners’ First Choice

AdoptedTails is a tech startup led by Mukul Gautam, an young and dynamic entrepreneur, dedicated to leveraging innovative technology solutions to strengthen the bond between pet owners and their furry companions. The company’s mission is to enhance the overall well-being and happiness of pets and their owners by providing a range of IT-based products and services. The emotional connection between pets and their owners is indeed incredibly strong and widespread. The emotional bond between pet owners and their animals is a strong motivator for the development and adoption of new technologies. Speaking with , he elaborated on the future of pet identification for pet owners and a growing emphasis on pet safety and well-being.

Q: From where you got the idea of AdoptedTails?

A: I am a big pet lover. LIke me there are millions of pet lovers in the country.   Pets can sometimes wander off or get lost, especially if they are outdoor animals or are not accustomed to their environment. A tracking system allows pet owners to quickly locate and recover their lost pets, increasing the chances of a safe return.  Absence of trustworthy system of tracking of pets gave birth to AdoptedTails.  Pet owners are availing our services and enjoying companionship.

Q: Services Offered by AdoptedTails?

A: AdoptedTails offers a GPS-based pet tracking system, which includes wearable devices for pets and a mobile app for owners. The app provides real-time location tracking and notifications if a pet leaves a designated safe zone. It develops smart collars equipped with sensors that monitor a pet’s vital signs and activity levels. The platform helps pet owners maintain comprehensive digital health records for their pets, including vaccination schedules, medication reminders, and veterinary appointment alerts. Online communities and social media platforms may continue to play a role in reuniting lost pets with their owners through crowd-sourced identification efforts.

Q: What is the future of pet tracking ?

A: The future of pet identification will likely prioritize the safety and well-being of pets while providing convenience and peace of mind to pet owners. As technology continues to advance, we can expect a wider range of options and services to help protect and identify our beloved animal companions. Microchipping has been a standard method for pet identification, but we can expect improvements in microchip technology. Smaller, more advanced chips may become available, making the process less invasive and more reliable. Blockchain technology can provide a secure and unalterable record of a pet’s identification, ownership history, medical records, and more. This could improve the transparency and trust in the pet identification process. DNA testing for pets is becoming more common, and it can be used not only for identifying a pet but also for assessing their genetic health and predispositions to various diseases.

Q: Tell about global standard and pet passport?

A: There may be a push for global standards in pet identification to ensure consistency and compatibility across different regions and countries. For pet owners who travel frequently with their animals, blockchain-based pet passports could become a standard way of proving identity, health, and vaccination status when crossing borders. Pet identification systems could be integrated with emergency services, making it easier for first responders to access critical information about a pet in the event of an accident or emergency.



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