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B2B Lead Generation: Steering the Business Landscape

Ajay Sahoo is the Founder and Director of Biginfo Business Intelligence Pvt. Ltd., a B2B lead generation platform. He is also a dynamic leader, business planner, critical thinker, and a calm-headed and optimistic individual. With over 20 years of experience in Business Management, Sales, and Liaison, he steers a diverse range of activities. Ajay drives Sales, Business Development, Research, and Operations. Moreover, he has managed prestigious research assignments like India Investment Grid and In a candid interaction with The Interview World, Ajay shares insights into BigInfo’s cutting-edge B2B lead generation platform. He also accentuates how his company is delivering value in every piece of information. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Q. How do you describe BigInfo most simply?

A. We have a market for every product and service that goes into a project. BigInfo delivers information services for projects including the Infrastructure, Industrial, Power, Oil & Gas, Mining, and Water & Waste sectors. In addition, we provide an invaluable marketing tool that can help build the finest business pipeline for any project-centric business.

Q: In the competitive landscape of lead generation, what led to the founding of BigInfo and what unique value proposition does it bring to large enterprises?

A: As long as business exists, competition exists. Moreover, as long as business and competition exist, lead generation exists. Information is a commodity integral to every business ecosystem. The right information at the right time makes the business ecosystems healthier. Opportunities are available for any service to coexist but BigInfo was conceptualized having every existing challenge in mind. We address the challenges not in only terms of competition but also serving the long-standing thrust for quality information. Furthermore, we offer a platform that is accessible to anyone and everyone relevant.

Q: In the rapidly evolving business environment, how does BigInfo stay ahead of the curve in adapting to new trends and technologies in the B2B lead generation space?

A: We are a research-intensive information service. The research process is highly human resource-driven because there are lot of first-hand information that is crucial to the client’s needs. However, with the evolving business environment we do not wish to stay away from the modern-day technologies. We understand their role in efficiency building in every function of the business.

Q: What kind of data sources and intelligence does BigInfo tap into to ensure the quality and relevance of the leads generated for its clients?

A: We have developed a robust mechanism to explore hundreds of sources that include many state and central government departments, and public sector units. BigInfo applies an exhaustively quality-conscious methodology to check and ensure that every piece of information is credible.

Q: Are there any specific industries or sectors where BigInfo has seen particularly strong success in lead generation, and what strategies have proven effective in those cases?

A: We have a market for every product & and service that goes into building a project. We are a unique service that serves the information needs of highly diversified business segments. Moreover, we have developed the capabilities to offer customized solutions based on the very specific needs of our clients. When it comes to serving a client with customized needs, it’s bound to be a separate strategy for every individual product & and service. However, we are always sensitive to the consumption behavior of our clients and formulate a strategy that serves and satisfies our clients.

Q: Given the increasing emphasis on privacy and data protection, how does BigInfo navigate the challenges associated with ethical and compliant lead-generation practices?

A: Lead generation is integral to every business process but it is also important to adhere to best practices, privacy, and ethical standards. Securing an individual’s consent safeguards the communication channel and builds long-term trust in the standard and reputation of the service.

Q: Looking ahead, what new and innovative services or features can clients expect from BigInfo in the coming years, and how does the company plan to continue revolutionizing B2B lead generation for large enterprises?

A: Inherently we are a dynamic and flexible platform that keeps innovating with features that suit the consumption behavior of our clients. We are actively developing significant plans in the pipeline and we anticipate launching them around mid-next financial year. “IMP” is one such ambitious project. We assume this will be a great step towards changing the dynamics of business collaboration.

BigInfo: A Pioneer in Cutting-edge B2B Lead Generation


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