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WADE Asia Championing Women’s Contributions in Built Space

WADE Asia celebrates women in design through networking, knowledge sharing, and inspiration across architecture, interior design, engineering, and art

Founded in 2016, WADE Asia strives to illuminate the extraordinary contributions of women in design. Our mission is to furnish a dynamic platform for women in architecture, interior design, construction, engineering, art, and photography to converge, network, acquire knowledge, and inspire one another.

WADE Asia has ascended to prominence as India’s preeminent architecture event, drawing together professionals and enthusiasts from every corner of the nation. This illustrious gathering features the distinguished architectural conference DESIGNS INDIA, an inclusive forum for those ardent about delving into the avant-garde trends and concepts sculpting the industry.

In a riveting discourse with The Interview World at the 3rd NAREDCO Mahi Convention, Vertica Dvivedi, the Founder of WADE Asia, elucidated how her organization has been at the forefront of acknowledging and extolling women-led advancements in architecture, interior design, art, and construction. Herein lie the pivotal insights from her enlightening interview.

Q: Could you shed light on the activities of WADE Asia?

A: In 2016, I inaugurated WADE Asia, a groundbreaking platform dedicated to the veneration of women in design, architecture, art, and construction—domains that form the very bedrock of our built environment. At its inception, there existed a palpable dearth of awareness and support for women’s advancement in these sectors. However, over time, this platform has been instrumental in fostering an appreciation for the imperative of empowering women. Today, WADE Asia epitomizes the strides and triumphs of women in the built environment.

Q: How has the reception of your work or efforts changed after nine years?

A: When I embarked on this venture, there was an overwhelming atmosphere of bewilderment and apprehension. People incessantly interrogated my intentions, questioning why I would undertake such an arduous task. They speculated about the feasibility of recruiting women, the logistics of execution, and the sources of funding. The plethora of inquiries was incessant. Some even insinuated that I might have political patronage, endeavoring to discern the ulterior motive behind my ambition.

The notion that a young girl could envisage and execute such an ambitious enterprise was met with incredulity. Yet, I remained resolute and unequivocal in my determination. Presently, the response has been nothing short of phenomenal. We have expanded from a modest hotel space of approximately 9,000 square feet to an operation of significantly greater magnitude and myriad accomplishments.

Q: Could you provide details about your current membership? Specifically, how has it grown over the past nine years?

A: The event has metamorphosed into a grandiose national spectacle. Our footprint has burgeoned from a modest 9,000 square feet to a colossal 250,000 square feet. We meticulously sift through over 4,000 to 5,000 submissions from women, selecting a distinguished 200 for live presentation. Envision the throng when India’s crème de la crème projects are unveiled in unison. This event magnetizes the industry’s luminaries, ensuring the presence of every notable figure. Consequently, partners are irresistibly drawn, culminating in an assemblage of over 50,000 visitors.

Q: Would you mind sharing examples of successful women who have made an impact in your industry?

A: Each woman harbors a tale of triumph, but some narratives resonate with exceptional fervor. Consider the remarkable saga of Didi Contractor, an octogenarian who once toiled amidst the Himalayan foothills, crafting mud edifices. Her inaugural accolade from WADE Asia marked a watershed moment. Subsequently, India’s government lauded her with the prestigious Nari Shakti award, cementing her legacy in the annals of architectural prowess.

Equally compelling is the saga of Namita Singh, an illustrious architect from Chandigarh whose architectural masterpieces dot the urban landscape, yet her name often eludes public recognition.

These unsung heroines, operating in the shadowy recesses of society, bear testimony to the resilience and ingenuity of womankind. Take, for instance, a young woman from Aurangabad who ascended to become the region’s pioneering architect, her accomplishments punctuated by repeated accolades. Such tales exemplify the indomitable spirit and remarkable achievements of women across the spectrum of human endeavor.

Q: What impact do women have in this industry? How do you envision the future for women entrepreneurs and female workers?

A: Women are adept at forging companionship and community wherever they lead, eschewing solitary paths for inclusive journeys.

Consider NAREDCO, a venerable institution of 25 years. With a surge of women joining its ranks and ascending to prominent roles, it heralds a pivotal moment for the industry. This influx promises extensive skill amplification among female leaders.

The ascent of women to pinnacles of power also heralds overdue attention to marginalized communities, buoyed by progressive governmental measures. This upward trajectory augurs a future where women not only shape policy but also steer grassroots workforce dynamics. With a resolute focus on skill enhancement and community empowerment in neglected areas, these developments signal a transformative era. The prominence of women as exemplars within organizations like NAREDCO underscores a profound shift towards inclusivity and opportunity.

A Glimpse of WADE Asia Awards - Celebrating Women's Accomplishments
A Glimpse of WADE Asia Awards – Celebrating Women’s Accomplishments

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