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Ubtan: A Natural Soap for Nurturing Skin and Tradition

Ubtan isn't simply soap; it's a celebration of our cultural roots and commitment to eco-friendly living in a world saturated with synthetics

Santosh Verma, whose professional journey included stints with esteemed organizations such as the Apparel Export Promotion Council, the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, and STPI, ventured into entrepreneurship with Ubtan, a 100% natural handmade soap brand. Despite reaching the age of 65, typically associated with retirement and leisure, Verma defied stereotypes by launching Ubtan. His realization that age shouldn’t hinder entrepreneurial endeavors fueled his decision to take this bold step.

In a recent interaction with The Interview World, Santosh Verma elaborated on his unconventional path and his passion for introducing homemade natural soaps to a younger audience. He emphasized the importance of staying active and innovative regardless of age, challenging the notion that entrepreneurship is reserved for the young. Verma’s story serves as an inspiration, highlighting the possibilities of pursuing one’s entrepreneurial dreams at any stage of life and making a meaningful impact on future generations.

Q: What inspired the branding choice for your product to be named ‘Ubtan’?

A: In today’s beauty landscape saturated with synthetic enhancements, predominantly among women, there’s a concerning trend of infusing toxic chemicals into the skin. Over time, this damages the skin, leading to various complex syndromes and undermining the very essence of beauty treatments. As someone rooted in traditional values of sustainability and nature-friendly practices, I offer an alternative approach. My product, “Ubtan,” takes inspiration from its original definition, representing a semi-solid blend with medicinal properties traditionally applied externally to remedy or soothe skin irritation.

By embracing the principles of natural remedies and gentle skincare, Ubtan seeks to counteract the harmful effects of synthetic beauty products. It’s a testament to the enduring wisdom of age-old practices in the face of modern beauty standards, promoting not only external radiance but also long-term skin health and well-being.

Q: How many different types or varieties of soap are you currently producing?

A: Our exclusive product line centers around meticulously crafted soaps, blending the purity of multan mitti and the potency of turmeric, both renowned for their natural and skin-friendly properties. This fusion resonates strongly with consumers, especially the younger demographic, increasingly prioritizing holistic skincare solutions. The burgeoning market demand underscores the growing awareness and appreciation for natural skincare products. Looking ahead, we’re strategically positioned to expand our offerings, with forthcoming variants poised to feature a diverse array of ingredients, including the nurturing qualities of aloe vera, the purifying effects of charcoal, and the traditional benefits of neem, enriching our product portfolio and catering to evolving consumer preferences.

Q: Which strategies effectively promote and distribute your products to target audiences?

A: We’ve forged a strategic alliance with Dash 1, a prominent marketing entity, to ensure swift doorstep delivery of our products. This collaboration extends further as Dash 1 facilitates cash-on-delivery transactions, thereby enhancing our reach across India. Furthermore, our pricing strategy emphasizes accessibility, with our offerings competitively priced. For instance, customers can acquire a 100-gram soap for a mere Rs. 70. This partnership underscores our commitment to seamless customer service and nationwide accessibility.

Q: What factors are fuelling the growth of the natural soap market in India?

A: The surge in India’s natural soap market stems from a nexus of factors. Initially, a discernible uptick in consumer consciousness regarding the adverse impacts of synthetic soap chemicals drives this trend. This awareness catalyzes a pivot towards natural and organic alternatives, perceived as safer for skin health and the environment alike.

Moreover, the burgeoning middle class and rising disposable incomes foster a propensity to invest in premium products, including natural soaps. Many of these brands draw upon India’s rich heritage of Ayurveda and herbal medicine, incorporating traditional ingredients renowned for their skin benefits. This resonates with consumers seeking holistic skincare solutions.

Furthermore, the influence of celebrity endorsements and influencer marketing significantly amplifies the popularity of natural and organic products. This creates broader awareness and fuels consumer demand.

Additionally, the expansion of distribution channels, encompassing supermarkets, pharmacies, and online platforms, enhances accessibility to natural soaps across urban and rural areas. Government initiatives promoting organic products and regulations mandating transparency in labeling and ingredient disclosure further bolster the growth trajectory of India’s natural soap market.

Ubtan Soap – Bridging Generations through Natural Skincare
Ubtan Soap – Bridging Generations through Natural Skincare


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