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The Future of Menstrual Relief Relies on Ednam’s Innovation

Ednam Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a mission-driven Medtech startup, emerged from the incubation programs at TIDES, IIT Roorkee, and NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore. Focused on developing smart garments for managing menstrual health, Ednam positions itself as a leader in the field, aiming to offer innovative, stylish, and sustainable solutions.

Their mission centers on prioritizing the health and well-being of women through the creation of smart garments. Pioneering the realm of smart garments, they strive to be the forefront provider of innovative, stylish, and sustainable solutions tailored specifically for women’s menstrual health. They leverage cutting-edge technology, including technical textiles, data analytics, and machine learning, to ensure their products meet the highest quality and safety standards. Through thorough research, testing, and evaluation in their laboratories, they maintain a commitment to excellence in every garment.

Believing in the transformative potential of technology in enhancing health and wellness, they continuously integrate the latest innovations into their products. Their overarching mission is to design and manufacture innovative smart garments that not only elevate everyday wear but also enhance functionality, comfort, and style.

In an exclusive conversation with The Interview World, Aayushi Kumar, Co-founder of Ednam Solutions Pvt. Ltd., sheds light on their innovative smart garment product designed to address menstrual health concerns and explores their forward-thinking innovations. Here are the key insights from her interview.

Q: How does your smart wear product specifically address the challenges associated with menstrual health, and what unique features or technologies does it incorporate to provide effective solutions?

A: Heat therapy has long been a common remedy for women. However, a prevailing issue persists: existing solutions lack portability, hindering use during work or travel. Addressing this, we’ve innovatively integrated heating elements directly into a garment. This garment features a discreet patch positioned at the lower abdomen, easily activated for use.

Powering this system is a compact power bank, conveniently connected via a small port within the garment’s pocket. Control over temperature is seamlessly managed through a dedicated app, allowing women to discreetly regulate their comfort without revealing their condition.

Tailored specifically for working women grappling with menstrual discomfort, this garment boasts a timeless design suitable for both professional and casual settings. Available in classic black with a formal boot cut, it seamlessly blends into any wardrobe.

Importantly, this isn’t merely a fashion item; it’s a certified medical device categorized as a Class B medical device. Rigorously tested to meet medical standards, its sleek appearance belies its therapeutic functionality.

As a pioneering solution, we anticipate widespread adoption among women seeking relief from menstrual pain. This technology represents a new frontier in addressing women’s health needs with discretion and efficacy.

Q: What certifications does your product hold from testing agencies?

A: Numerous organizations, such as the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) and NABL-accredited Conformity Testing Lab, have certified our safety. Additionally, we hold specific ISO certifications for safety and washing, as this garment is designed to be washable. One significant challenge with smart garments arises when integrating electronics into the material.

The primary concern revolves around washing them. However, the distinguishing feature of our garment lies in its washability. It can endure up to 20 washes, certified by the North Indian Textile Research Association (NITRA), where comprehensive washability tests were conducted.

Q: What materials compose the interior of the heating pad?

A: In our design, we incorporate conductive metallic yarns into various garments, ensuring optimal functionality and style. The fabric employed throughout the garment is commonly found, enhancing accessibility and versatility. Furthermore, our innovative approach includes the integration of resistive heating technology within the heating pad, providing effective relief for period cramps and associated discomfort. This combination of materials and technologies underscores our commitment to comfort, functionality, and addressing specific needs with practical solutions.

Q: What is the current status of commercialization for your product?

A: In January of this year, we proudly launched our website, providing customers with direct access to our unique product. Being the sole manufacturer, we meticulously craft each garment in limited batches to ensure quality and exclusivity. Customers can effortlessly navigate our website to book their desired item. Upon placing an order, we promptly gather size and any specific preferences to tailor the garment accordingly. Currently, our production operates in small batches, typically limited to 50 pieces per run. This approach allows us to maintain our commitment to quality and attention to detail, ensuring that each customer receives a personalized and exceptional experience when acquiring our product.

Q: How do you envision expanding the application of your product beyond addressing prevalent women’s menstrual health issues to potentially include relief for men’s back pain?

A: Certainly. In response to customer feedback, we’re actively developing back pain trousers to complement our product range. Our decision stems from a significant number of women in our initial study expressing a desire for relief from back pain. Consequently, we’re broadening our offerings to address this specific need. Users will soon have the flexibility to choose between back or front heating options, tailored to their requirements. Moreover, we’re cognizant of the varying sizing requirements between genders and plan to accommodate this in our designs. Ultimately, our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions for both men and women, ensuring everyone can benefit from our innovative products.

Q: What strategies do you envision for fostering innovation in women-centric healthcare products on a long-term basis?

A: In today’s landscape, the empowerment of women stands as a beacon for the future. A prevailing shift is observable, one that squarely emphasizes women’s empowerment. With this in mind, I aspire for this garment to transcend mere clothing and become an indispensable staple in every wardrobe. Looking ahead, my vision extends further; I aim to transform it into a holistic menstrual solution. This involves meticulous engineering to ensure leak-proof functionality, assuring security even during strenuous activities. Ultimately, the goal is to provide unmatched comfort and confidence, ensuring that no matter how active she may be, menstruation remains discreet and hassle-free.

Luna Alpha by Ednam Solutions - Smart Garments for Women's Menstrual Pain Relief
Luna Alpha by Ednam Solutions – Smart Garments for Women’s Menstrual Pain Relief


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