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Revolutionizing Management Education: A Spotlight on JIM

Dr. Subhajyoti Ray currently serves as the Director of Jaipuria Institute of Management (JIM) in Noida. Before assuming his current role at JIM, Dr. Ray served as the Director of IMT Dubai. His professional encompasses a significant stint at the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), where he focused on data analysis, data warehousing, and research.

After more than six years at the RBI, he transitioned to academia and joined the Xavier Institute of Management (XIMB). During his tenure at XIMB, he took on the role of Dean for two terms. Subsequently, he held the position of pro-vice-chancellor at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) in Mumbai, overseeing multiple campuses.

His primary teaching interests revolve around business statistics and analytics. As a visiting faculty member, he has contributed his expertise to institutions such as ESSEC in France, Antwerp Management School in Belgium, Great Lakes Institute of Management in Gurgaon, and Indian Institute of Management Ranchi.

Beyond academia, Dr. Subhajyoti has been actively involved in training programs and consultancy projects for multinational and private-sector organizations. His areas of focus include social impact, information systems effectiveness, and related domains. Notably, he has published extensively in the field of e-government and serves as a reviewer on the board of the International Journal of Public Administration in a Digital Age.

Dr. Ray holds a master’s degree from the Indian Statistical Institute and completed the Fellow program at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

Talking to The Interview World, Dr. Ray underscores the institutional excellence of the Jaipuria Institute of Management and highlights how this institute is revolutionizing management education. Here are the excerpts from his interview.

Q: Could elaborate on the vision of Jaipuria Institute of Management and the initiatives undertaken to enhance opportunities for the students?

A: Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida, is currently in its 18th year of operation. Despite our relatively young age, our achievements speak volumes – we are currently ranked 47th in the NIRF. This underscores the sincerity of our purpose, with our mission being to empower students for success.

Looking ahead, our focus for the coming years revolves around several key areas. First and foremost is research. We are actively contributing to the intellectual foundation of the country. With our faculty producing more research and publications than in previous years, we are excelling. Moreover, our supportive ecosystem facilitates faculty members in their research pursuits, ensuring a continuous and meaningful contribution.

In addition, our business management programs are consistently enhancing the quality of education. Input from industry stakeholders received through the academic council, area meetings, advisory councils, and industry talk programs, plays a crucial role in this ongoing improvement. Nevertheless, our goal is to continually enhance every course and deliver cutting-edge knowledge to students. We are enabling them to excel in the industry from day one.

A third vital aspect for us is social and ethical responsibility. In every endeavor, we consciously uphold ethical, sustainable, and compassionate practices towards the environment, people, and stakeholders. This commitment shapes our institution into one that is socially responsible and ethically conscious.

With these three pillars – research, quality education, and social responsibility – we anticipate reaching new heights in terms of ranking, reputation, and collaborations with like-minded universities.

Q: What benefits do students gain upon graduating from your program, particularly in terms of job opportunities, and how does your institution facilitate market connections for its graduates?

A: At our business school, various job opportunities span across marketing, finance, HR, operations, and business analytics. While there’s a broad array of roles, marketing positions tend to outnumber those in HR. Business analytics is a growing field with increasing job prospects.

Finance, sales, and consulting at Big Four firms are also common career paths. Our campus attracts a well-balanced mix of roles for our students. Beyond traditional placements, our industry engagement extends to management development programs.

To bridge the gap between academia and industry, we bring professionals into our classrooms. Each course includes at least one lecture out of 20 delivered by industry experts. Additionally, we organize discipline-specific conclaves, such as HR and business analytics. In these conclaves, industry leaders discuss emerging trends, strengths, and challenges, and provide insights for students’ preparation.

For example, we have an upcoming business analytics conclave focusing on generative AI, exploring its strengths and challenges. These conclaves offer students valuable perspectives on industry trends and equip them with the knowledge to navigate their career paths. In Additionally, our multifaceted approach ensures a robust connection with the industry at various levels.

Q: How does your institution distinguish itself from others offering similar certifications, and what advantages does it provide to students?

A: We share similarities and differences with other management institutes. Moreover, we are a business school operating within the same ecosystem as others. What sets us apart? Our core principles, visible across campus—11 guiding principles at the Jaipuria Institute of Management.

We believe in the principle: “Student First.” Furthermore, we don’t treat students as mere customers; our focus is on their long-term success. This principle directs every action and behavior on campus. Our principles are action-oriented, clearly defining expected conduct for all staff.

We’re a hardworking, fun-loving community with an open culture. No barriers exist; anyone can walk into my room for assistance or to address grievances. This open environment fuels our rapid growth.

Q: Do you have any expansion plans?

A: Expansion is always in our plans. Moreover, we recently launched the online Post-graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) program, aiming for widespread enrollment across the country. This program is entirely online, and we’re exploring the best technology for an optimal student experience. On-campus, construction indicates growth—we’ve added a boys’ hostel and are expanding faculty offices.

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida


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