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Transforming Indian Agriculture through Precision Spraying

AV Agritech Inputs Pvt. Ltd. is an agriculture technology firm augmenting Indian farming by implementing cutting-edge technologies in spraying machinery. The company is pioneering efficient spray practices for various crops, including grapes, pomegranate, citrus, mangoes, apples, guava, papaya, cotton, and more.

In an interaction with The Interview World, Aryaveer Kapoor, a second-generation entrepreneur and product strategist at AV Agritech, provides insights into their product lines and future innovations. Here’s what he shared.

Q: Tell us about your products.

A: Krishi Spray specializes in precision agricultural spraying equipment and accessories. These include agriculture spray, nozzle spray, guns, and tractor-mounted spraying machinery such as boom sprayers and orchard sprayers. Moreover, our machines meet the diverse needs of farmers in horticultural sectors such as grape, pomegranate, banana, citrus, and quinoa cultivation.

We aim to provide tailored solutions for farmers by addressing their unique requirements. Additionally, the 600-liter boom sprayer we are showcasing today can enhance farmer efficiency. Moreover, it can ensure the right particle size and deposition for optimal results in agriculture.

Q: What is the tenure of your involvement in the agriculture sector?

A: We began importing agriculture spray guns from Italy two decades ago. The spray nozzles and lances we introduced have been effectively utilized on farms, garnering satisfaction from our customers. As a longstanding corporation, we consistently integrate new technologies, embrace innovations, and adapt to changes in agriculture.

Q: Given that agriculture is a primary focus of this government, what specific developments are you considering for the agriculture sector in the country?

A: Our primary goal is to enhance farmers’ yields in the agriculture spraying line. Initially, farmers relied on knapsack or battery sprayers, but we’ve advanced to tractor-mounted spraying, introducing more mechanization to farms.

We address challenges including the decreasing labor availability, the need for faster spraying, and the desire for precise pesticide placement. Moreover, we’re investing in precision spraying and planning to innovate in sensor technology. Additionally, we want to incorporate more electronics into the spraying industry.

By implementing these advancements, we aim to decrease pesticide costs, save time, and minimize labor for farmers. Nevertheless, this will significantly benefit farmers by reducing their pesticide input costs.

Q: Are you developing an IoT product with the capability for remote management by farmers?

A: We’re currently developing a system that uses sensors to identify which areas of the plant need spraying and which don’t. Likewise, the spray machines can deliver the right amount of water or chemicals based on the inputs. This is our current focus, and we’re actively exploring future possibilities. To note here, we aim to launch the product next year.

Q: Are you incorporating IoT along with computer vision or machine vision into your product offerings?

A: We aim to enhance machine and IoT sensor detection capabilities. Using LiDAR sensors, cameras, and computer vision, we’re developing a robust system. Anticipate its launch next spring. Moreover, our goal is to supply valuable data to the company. In addition to this, insightful data can help farmers make informed decisions.

Precision Sprayers for Agriculture
Precision Sprayers for Agriculture


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