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Recover, Recycle, and Reuse Paper to Reduce Imports

The Indian Recovered Paper Traders Association (IRPTA) is a leading trade association, which advocates to recycle paper. ITPTA not only upholds the preservation and collection of waste and used paper but also accentuates recycling and repurposing. Talking to The Interview World, Naresh Singhal, President underscores how IRPTA champions the cause of sustainable paper usage, emphasizing recovery, recycling, and reuse. The following are excerpts from the discussion.

Q: Tell us about the activities of your organization.

A: The Indian Recovered Paper Traders Association (IRPTA) is a trade association dedicated to representing the recovered paper industry in India. Our primary goal is to promote sustainability through the use of reusable paper. We actively advocate for the preservation and collection of waste and used paper, emphasizing their potential for recycling and repurposing.

Contrary to the common talk of mere junk, used paper possesses the valuable quality of reusability. By responsibly managing waste paper, we can significantly reduce our reliance on imports. At present, a substantial 75-80% of the paper consumed in the country belongs to recycled ones. Approximately 65-70% of newsprint use recycled paper. Importantly, only 30-35% of newsprint falls under import. To further diminish imports, it is crucial to safeguard and recycle waste paper, transforming it into a reusable resource.

In our commitment to raising awareness within society, our organization takes a leading role. We aim to optimize the recycling of waste paper, ensuring the quality of the recycled paper for subsequent use.

Q: How many organizations are in association with IRPTA?

A: We currently boast a membership of approximately 700 individuals hailing from various parts of the country, with a predominant focus on traders. Among members, about 40% engage in trading waste paper, while the remaining 60% serve as direct suppliers to paper mills. As traders, we commit to elevate both the quality and quantity of waste paper, fostering stronger connections with paper mills.

Over the past 3-4 years, waste paper dealers have successfully supplied paper to paper mills. However, a notable gap exists in terms of connectivity. We are actively working to enhance our ties with every stakeholder in the paper industry. Our network includes associations representing paper mills, technical expertise, and fellow paper traders. Additionally, we collaborate with converters of paper who transform it into various products such as books, notebooks, cartons, and newspapers. This collaborative effort aims to promote sustainability in paper recycling.

This marks our second participation in Paperex. Previously, we invited paper mill owners and paper associations to facilitate panel discussions comparing imported and domestic paper. This time around, we are organizing another panel discussion, inviting thought leaders from our industry to share insights and perspectives.

Q: How important is recycling for the environment?

A: Recycling paper offers several significant advantages. Firstly, it alleviates the burden on landfills by decreasing the amount of waste. Secondly, it plays a crucial role in diminishing our reliance on imports. Thirdly, the recycling process minimizes the need for chemicals in the production of new paper. Engaging in these practices collectively contributes to environmental sustainability.

Q: What’s the quantity of paper recycled in the country?

A: The nation presently produces 30 million tons of paper annually, with 24 million tons derived from recycled sources.

The path towards sustainability - Recover, recycle, and reuse paper
The path towards sustainability – Recover, recycle, and reuse paper


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