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Precision in Practice: Revolutionizing Dental Care

Team Mikro, a prominent Indian company specializing in aesthetic, dental, gynecological, surgical, ENT, and physiotherapy lasers, as well as top-notch loupes and operating microscopes, stands at the forefront of the industry.

As distributors for Fotona (Slovenia), Union Medical (Korea), Hyper Photonics (Italy), Lazon Medical Laser-Solase Lasers (China), K-Laser (Italy), A.R.C. Lasers (Germany), Meiji Loupes (US-Japan), and CJ Optik operating microscopes (Germany), Team Mikro has established itself as a reliable source for cutting-edge medical technologies.

With over 35 years of experience in the Indian medical laser sector, Team Mikro takes pride in being pioneers, having sold one of the first surgical lasers and the initial hard tissue laser in the dental field in India. Notably, they were among the first companies to introduce lasers in the aesthetics field in the country.

Throughout this extensive period, Team Mikro has amassed comprehensive knowledge to effectively address clinical and technical support issues. This wealth of experience is evident in the meticulous selection of products that the company distributes.

In a candid interaction with The Interview World, Gopesh Aneja, Partner, Team Mikro underscores how his company is playing a pivotal role in delivering cutting-edge microscopes and laser systems for healthcare. Here are the excerpts from his interview.  

Q: Tell us about your product and its functionality.

A: We have an innovative dental microscope tailored for endodontics and general dentistry—the Flexion. This cutting-edge tool not only magnifies the dental surgical area but also offers integrated LED illumination designed for use with a 4K DSLM camera, an iPad port, and a medical monitor powered directly from the microscope. What sets the Flexion apart is its patented MonoBall coupling, enabling seamless repositioning at any angle without the hassle of loosening and retightening knobs.

This groundbreaking microscope represents a significant advancement in dental technology. Moreover, it meets the unique needs of general dentists, Flexion distinguishes itself from other microscopes that has limited to endodontic applications. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly into various facets of dentistry, providing a versatile and comprehensive solution. Now, you can effortlessly visualize intricate details that are imperceptible to the naked eye, making the Flexion an indispensable magnification tool for dental procedures.

Q: What are the key differentiating features of this microscope compared to others?

A: Various companies worldwide manufacture a diverse range of products. Concerning our product, it stands out as the best in the market within its price range. Designed by CJ-Optik in Germany and branded as Flexion, it is an internationally acclaimed product. Currently, it poses a formidable challenge to well-established international brands. Flexion earned a Special Mention for Excellent Product Design in the 2017 German Design Awards, with the jury describing it as “A high-performance high-tech product with a very progressive and contemporary design.”

Distinguishing itself from competitors, Flexion boasts several unique features. Notably, it excels in the minimalism of the microscope and illumination system, and it operates without a fan. Unlike other microscopes that rely on fans for cooling, Flexion employs a high-intensity, fanless, built-in, and color-corrected LED light source. This source delivers brilliant pure white light at 5500k for optimal viewing and photography. Moreover, it eliminates the need for delicate fiber-optic cables, which are prone to breakage and entanglement.

The Flexion Advanced model goes a step further, offering an extensive array of accessories at a price that challenges the competition’s seemingly exorbitant rates. With a vast range of magnification, an unparalleled field of view, and an impressive depth of focus at all magnifications, it truly stands out as a superior choice in the market.

Q: How old is this product and how long have you been selling it in the Indian market?

A: Although we’ve been in the microscope business for over 50 years, we’ve specifically offered the Flexion product for the past five years. In June 1985, our journey commenced. Initially, we operated as a distribution company, representing foreign manufacturers in the realm of scientific and medical instruments. Over time, our focus has evolved, transforming us into a prominent player in the field of medical lasers, surgical microscopes, and loupes.

Q: What other premium products do you have for dentists?

A: Recognized as the world’s first blue laser that revolutionizes surgical and therapeutic procedures, the groundbreaking K-Laser Blue Dental is a premium product. This innovative technology seamlessly integrates high-tech capabilities with the unique attributes of a 445 nm blue wavelength, facilitating surgical interventions without inducing bleeding, thus reducing the risk of infections and ensuring an outstanding aesthetic outcome. In tandem with the blue light, the system employs 660 nm and 970 nm wavelengths, contributing to both superficial and deep biostimulation of tissues.

What sets K-Laser Blue apart is its hassle-free maintenance, coupled with low-cost consumables, guaranteeing optimal performance with utmost safety. This powerful, compact, and lightweight device is easily transportable, boasting rechargeable batteries. Notably, all surgical components are sterilizable, ensuring a sterile environment for every procedure. Adding to its allure, K-Laser Blue remains up-to-date with continuous technological advancements, facilitated by its Wi-Fi connectivity. In essence, K-Laser Blue stands as a comprehensive solution that combines efficiency, safety, and cutting-edge innovation in dental care.

CJ-Optik Flexion - Designed For Dental Surgeons
CJ-Optik Flexion – Designed For Dental Surgeons

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