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Crafting a Niche in the Industrial Adhesives Market

Poma-Ex Products specializes in the production and wholesale distribution of top-notch industrial adhesives. The product line includes instant adhesive glue, adhesive bond, and liquid instant adhesives, all crafted from pure ingredients. Notably, these adhesives mark a distinctive edge for their precise composition, easy application, formidable sealing strength, prolonged durability, and exceptional purity.

Furthermore, Poma-Ex Products ensures affordability, making their adhesives easily accessible to clients at competitive market prices. The company operates within a spacious manufacturing infrastructure, where dedicated quality experts meticulously ensure that all industrial adhesives meet stringent quality parameters, surpassing the expectations of clients.

Adding to their portfolio, Poma-Ex Products also introduces products under the well-regarded Kwikheal brand, gaining recognition not only domestically but also through exports to Sri Lanka and South Africa.

In an insightful conversation with The Interview World, Kirti Jain, the Promoter of Poma-Ex Products, sheds light on how her company stands out by offering distinctive adhesives in the market. The following excerpts capture the essence of her interview.

Q: Tell us about your product lines.

A: We specialize in the production of cyanoacrylate adhesives. These adhesives bond two materials together for an extended duration. While traditional glues may adhere to only four or five materials, our company’s products excel by bonding up to twelve different materials seamlessly.

For optimal results, the surfaces resting face-to-face should have a smooth finish. If you require an adhesive solution beyond this, we offer a range of tapes to meet diverse needs.

Our tapes are particularly effective for adhering to PVC materials. While we initially imported these products, we have recently established our manufacturing units. Additionally, our product line includes water-resistant Teflon tapes, BOPP adhesive tapes, and masking tapes.

Furthermore, we expand our product offerings to include rubber-based gel adhesives. Looking ahead, we plan to introduce a series of new adhesive products next year.

Q: What’s the market size of the adhesive industry and how much your company contributes?

A: The adhesive industry in India boasts a market size of approximately Rs. 15,000 crores. While our market share may not be the largest, our focus lies on delivering the highest product quality. Over the last two decades, we have positioned ourselves as a steadily growing company within this sector.

In our early days, our operations revolved around importing products, with other vendors handling the logistics for us. Fast forward to today, and we have achieved a significant milestone – we now manage the entire production process in-house, manufacturing every product ourselves.

Q: Are your products environment-friendly?

A: Our adhesive products exemplify a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility. In recognizing the pivotal role sustainability plays in today’s global landscape, our product development process places a paramount emphasis on utilizing eco-friendly materials and adopting environmentally conscious manufacturing practices.

Furthermore, our adhesives not only meet high-performance standards but also minimize their environmental footprint. This conscientious approach underscores our dedication to balancing efficacy with ecological responsibility.

Continuously pushing the boundaries of sustainability, we actively engage in ongoing research and innovation to further enhance our environmental impact reduction efforts. It’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to progress and responsibility.

In addition to our environmental focus, we prioritize the safe use of our products in domestic settings. While our adhesives are industrial-grade, we’ve taken extra precautions for household use. Packaged in smaller bottles, these products are user-friendly. Moreover, they mitigate any potential harm, ensuring a secure application experience at home.

Q: What kind of growth do you see in the coming 5 years?

A: Over the next five years, our focus will be on further developing and expanding our existing product lines. We aim to diversify and broaden our market share by exploring new avenues within our product offerings. Presently, our export operations reach Sri Lanka and South Africa. However, within the upcoming five years, we plan to extend our export reach to additional geographical locations.

Superior Industrial Adhesives from Poma-Ex Products
Superior Industrial Adhesives from Poma-Ex Products

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