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Vaibhav Chaturvedi, a young rhythmist based out in #DelhiNCR, dreaming big to reach the global music arena. In his journey, he has got a chance to perform at a TEDx, a globally acclaimed event. Here is an exclusive interview with T.I.W.

#1. What does music mean to you?

Music is my soul and pulse of heart. Rhythms and notes infuse a sense of accomplishment. I manifest my thoughts and emotions with music and I believe that it’s one of the many reasons why music makes me thrive in life.

#2. Being one of the youngest rhythmists, what’s your take on Indian contemporary music?

Learning and inhaling the richness of different musical genres coming from all over the globe into ourselves has been an astonishing evolving process for the Indian musical history and today Indian contemporary music stands dynamic & influential. It’s a confluence of Indian Classical or folk idioms combined with nuances of jazz & pop. Our raagas & folk music have gained a certain popularity not just amongst musicians but also among the common crowd. The splendid virtuosos who’re mastering this genre are increasingly popular and massively talented with their art. Their connectivity & creativity sets them apart.

#3. You have been to several international shows. What difference do you see in international musical trends compared to Indian trends?

Indian trends are rigid towards the art. Either the musician is very knowledgeable or totally dense to understand the intensity and depth when it comes to this miraculous field of art. Indian music seems to be a mere hobby than a professional pursuit; however, the international genre provides the freedom of choice.

#4. Why music is important for youth?

Art is a form of medicine & it’s proven that music heals. The world is going through a crucial time. The global paradigms are shifting towards competition across the spectra. For youth, it’s a matter of de-stressing from the chasms of hurly-burly of competition. For them, music is a source of enlightenment, a way to express more, a way to walk on the positive side of life.

#5. Despite richness of Indian music, we don’t have global bands. What’s your take?

Despite our musical richness, it is our education system and the penurious mentality that is hindering the growth of global bands here. We do not have such exposure. Our society does not allow us to grow. The passage that connects expansion is knowledge and revelation to different genres & styles. Allowing them to make a space into our musical culture is being blocked by less acceptance as a legitimate profession.

#6. Is it necessary to be a big musician to venture into films?

To cook a spectacular meal, you need the basic ingredients of it. Similarly, any art form needs the basic elements like dedication, hard work, sleepless nights, and continuous practice. To venture into films needs hard work, not a gold-plated name. Our industry has seen significant numbers of legendary artists who stood up from the roots and created a legacy to follow. So, it needs your head, heart, and mind to be strong enough for pursuing the dream.


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