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Germany Is My Second Home

Manoranjan Pandey wears many hats – an entrepreneur, a traveller, a poet, a loving father, and an observer of nature. Hailing from Bihar, he was brought up in Durgapur, West Bengal, studied MA in German at Banaras Hindu University – BHU & M.Phil at Universität Salzburg, and living in #Rimsting at one of the most beautiful lakes of Europe Chiemsee in the state of #Bavaria in #Germany. He has written a book, a collection of poetry titled “50 Glühwürmchen”, which means “50 Fireflies”, to celebrate his 50th birthday. In an exclusive interview, he narrates about the poems and his feelings.

1. What’s the central theme of “50 Glühwürmchen”?

The collection of #poems reflects the life, nature, transformation, values, goals, relations, memories, and aspirations that reverberate the flow of life on the terrains of humanity. My poems whisper the truth that we see around us but fail to capture the beauty of the manifestation of all the creations gifted by nature. I am a very emotional being and I always reminisce the roots in India. All my poems reveal my natural emotions, my connect with nature & people.

2. How was the market response of the book?

In a single word, I would say “fabelhaft.” Germans have appreciated my writings immensely. German writers are politically correct, and they hardly talk about the emotions and human relationships, which I provided a feeder for their thoughts. It was astonishing for me to notice such massive response that being an Indian could have received such unexpected exaltations in German language. Indian diaspora in Germany have also loved and liked this book.

3. Could you please share one of your poetries for our readers with translation in English so that they can understand and enjoy your creativity?

Du bist nicht gekommen

Du bist nicht gekommen,

Ist die Nacht nicht vergangen?

Doch aber ist es schwer gefallen

bis die Nacht endlich zu Ende gegangen

Du bist nicht gekommen

Du warst gut und auch deine Welt

Ich war vielleicht doch nicht gut genug

Du hast mich hinein gelassen

Mir einen Platz zugewiesen

Kaum machte sich das Wohlfühlen breit

Hast du mir den Weg zum Ausgang gezeigt

Du bist nicht gekommen

Beleuchtet von den Sternen

Von Amazonawäldern geschmückt

Bewässert von den blauen Ozeanen

Gereinigt durch den Monsun Regen

Gewärmt von der strahlenden Sonne

Öffnen sich die Augen, war nichts außer Dunst

Du bist nicht gekommen

In English:

You did not come

You did not come,

Has the night not passed?

Indeed, but it was hard

Till the night at last faded away

You did not come

You were good and your world too

Perhaps I was not good enough after all you let me in

Assigned me a place

No sooner did the feeling of comfort spread

You showed me the way out

You did not come

Illuminated by the stars

Adorned by Amazon forests

Watered by the blue oceans

Purified by the monsoon rains

Warmed by the radiant sun

Opening the eyes, was nothing but haze

You did not come

4. How nostalgic are you about your roots? I can’t express in words as how much I am nostalgic about my roots and my maadar-e-vatan Hindustan. Everyday I live like a Hindustani, eat like a Hindustani, and think like a #Hindustani. I am a frequent visitor to Hindustan. I can’t stay without visiting Hindustan.


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