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Innovation for Sustainability: Zerowatt Energy Revolution

Step into the visionary realm of AlphaGeek, the pioneers behind the groundbreaking Zerowatt Energy Intelligence System. Apart from Zerowatt, AlphaGeek remains committed to forging a sustainable future, offering an array of innovative products and services designed for a greener tomorrow.

Zerowatt has demonstrated its effectiveness across various facilities, including foundries, manufacturing units, cold storages, agro-food processing industries, hotels, hospitals, and office complexes. It serves as a game-changer for businesses grappling with high electricity costs. Not only does Zerowatt lead to reduced electricity expenses, but it also enhances operational efficiency. Whether in commercial or industrial settings, Zerowatt proves indispensable for driving efficiency and cost savings.

In an exclusive interaction with The Interview World, Vinayak Govind Kamath, Regional Manager at AlphaGeek, emphasizes the pivotal role of Zerowatt in reducing electricity consumption and carbon footprint. Below are the key highlights from his interview.

Q: What features does Zerowatt incorporate to effectively tackle challenges associated with energy resources and their savings?

A: Our product, the Zerowatt Pro, is an IoT-based hardware device designed for monitoring electricity consumption. It’s a state-of-the-art, cost-effective solution that seamlessly integrates into any electrical panel. This device accurately measures essential power metrics, transforming the landscape of electricity monitoring.

Once installed, the Zerowatt Pro gathers power data from the electrical infrastructure and transmits it to our customizable dashboard. This dashboard offers a modular design, allowing users to tailor it to their specific needs. Users can explore historical trends, view heat maps, and access other features providing comprehensive information about electrical equipment and power usage.

With this system, users can identify areas of high energy consumption, inefficiencies, and potential malfunctions. It also enables predictive maintenance, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing downtime. Alerts can be conveniently delivered to users via their smartphones or desktop dashboard, ensuring timely response to any issues.

Furthermore, our solution extends beyond mere monitoring. Through automation, users can exercise control over their electrical systems, provided they adhere to established standard operating procedures (SOPs). This capability addresses various challenges faced by businesses, making it ideal for B2B applications.

It’s important to note that our solution Zerowatt is tailored for commercial and industrial use, not residential settings. However, we are actively developing a separate solution specifically for residential customers.

Q: What factors influence the demand for IoT-based energy monitoring systems in India?

A: Indeed, with the current emphasis on achieving net zero and promoting sustainability, there’s a significant focus on implementing regulations within major industries to diminish carbon emissions. Consequently, our efforts are directed towards decreasing electricity consumption, a pivotal step in curbing carbon emissions. This initiative forms a key aspect of our agenda aimed at enhancing sustainability and mitigating our environmental carbon footprint. In essence, this is the direction in which our efforts are focused.

Q: Do you have any insights on how your products conserve energy?

A: Currently, we haven’t developed any case studies yet, mainly due to our recent initiation into the field. With approximately 50 installations already established across South India, we’re just beginning to gain momentum. Our focus lies in conducting promising pilot programs within aerospace and automotive companies situated in the Coimbatore and Bangalore regions. Additionally, we’re actively seeking opportunities in Kerala. Moreover, we have several promising projects lined up for execution. Subsequently, our forthcoming objective entails crafting comprehensive case studies to demonstrate the efficacy of our solutions, elucidating the percentage of electricity saved and the reduction in carbon footprint achieved.

Q: What unique features or advantages distinguish your products from those offered by competitors?

A: Our unique selling proposition lies in our ability to track data second-by-second. This means we monitor data continuously, without any lapses. While other systems, such as IoT-based and BMS systems, also gather data, they often do so at intervals of 5 or 15 minutes. In contrast, our system captures data every single second, setting us apart in the market. This level of precision ensures that our products stand out.

Moreover, our agility in delivering analytics is exceptional. We emphasize this point within the industry. We can provide customers with historical trends, starting from the installation date up to the present moment. This capability enables us to offer unparalleled data accessibility to our clients.

Q: What is your current revenue, and how do you anticipate it evolving over the next five years?

A: Currently, our revenue from ongoing projects stands at approximately Rs. 60 to 70 lakhs. Additionally, we have projects worth around Rs. 8 to 9 crores lined up for the future. Looking ahead five years, we anticipate significant growth in this sector. This expectation is fueled by the emergence of various regulations aimed at enhancing net zero and sustainability efforts. Consequently, we envision ourselves in a favorable position to expand our presence, initially targeting the northern region and gradually extending into the eastern or western areas.

Zerowatt Pro - Smart Electricity Monitor
Zerowatt Pro – Smart Electricity Monitor

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