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Future of Toilets: Optismart Reinventing Water Conservation

Optismart Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneering ClimateTech startup with a mission to transform into a socially impactful enterprise by addressing socio-economic challenges in sanitation and hygiene. Their approach is comprehensive, offering integrated solutions to tackle issues in sanitation, hygiene, and waste management. Established in October 2019, Optismart has been relentlessly innovating in these fields. Despite encountering numerous challenges along the way, they remain confident in their ability to pioneer solutions that address current sanitation issues. Their groundbreaking product, Potty Matic or Ezzy Loo, is a water-efficient toilet that consumes only 10% of the water used by conventional toilets.

During an exclusive interview with The Interview World at Startup Mahakumbh 2024, Samved D Khandke, Director of Optismart Eco Solutions, emphasized how their smart toilets can drastically reduce water wastage and wastewater. He also highlighted his long-term vision to conserve water. Here are the key insights from his interview.

Q: What sets your solutions apart in the toilet segment, and how do they offer unique benefits or features compared to existing alternatives?

A: At Optismart Eco Solutions, we’re proud to lead the charge in sustainable innovation as a forward-thinking ClimateTech startup. Our mission revolves around reimagining everyday technologies to minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiency and convenience. One of our flagship creations is the revolutionary Potty Matic, a paradigm-shifting advancement in toilet technology.

Central to our innovation is the concept of water conservation. Traditional toilets indiscriminately consume vast quantities of water with each flush, contributing significantly to freshwater depletion. In stark contrast, the Potty Matic represents a paradigm shift by utilizing a mere one liter of water per flush. This dramatic reduction, from the typical 10 liters, results in an astounding 90% decrease in water usage. By prioritizing minimal water consumption, we not only alleviate pressure on freshwater sources but also empower users to make eco-conscious choices without compromising hygiene or functionality.

However, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond water conservation. With each flush utilizing just one liter of water, waste generation is correspondingly minimized. The resulting waste is transformed into a manageable slurry, facilitating smoother processing within sewage systems, septic tanks, and treatment plants. This enhanced efficiency not only prevents blockages and backups but also reduces the strain on infrastructure, resulting in cost savings and environmental benefits.

Moreover, our innovative plumbing system deviates from conventional designs, featuring a pressurized mechanism that allows waste to be pumped horizontally up to 100 feet or vertically up to 10 feet. This versatility eliminates the need for reliance on gravitational forces or specific slopes, simplifying installation and expanding the range of possible locations for deployment.

In addition to its functional superiority, the Potty Matic boasts exceptional durability and sustainability. Crafted entirely from stainless steel, the toilet’s construction ensures longevity and resilience to wear and tear. Even at the end of its lifecycle, the stainless steel components retain considerable value, offering a sustainable alternative to the disposal of traditional ceramic toilets.

In essence, the Potty Matic embodies our holistic approach to innovation, integrating water conservation, efficiency, and sustainability into a single groundbreaking solution. By redefining the standards of toilet technology, we strive to inspire a new era of environmentally responsible living while enhancing user experience and comfort.

Q: Where specifically have these toilets been installed?

A: Our toilets transcend conventional static installations, finding innovative application in various settings. Recognizing the urgent need for restroom facilities in buses, we’ve implemented our solution, addressing a crucial demand. Many individuals refrain from bus travel due to restroom apprehensions, exacerbated by the prevalent use of chemical toilets in such vehicles, posing environmental challenges. In contrast, our water-based system offers a sustainable alternative, ensuring hygiene without ecological repercussions.

Expanding our reach, we’ve ventured into the maritime domain, installing our toilets on boats and houseboats, prioritizing the protection of water bodies from waste discharge. Additionally, our technology has found its way onto trains, with ongoing testing confirming its reliability. Each successful installation contributes to our mission, reinforced by the receipt of performance certificates, affirming the effectiveness and viability of our solution.

Q: What other locations have these toilets been installed in? Have they been implemented in aircraft as well?

A: Presently, we haven’t initiated discussions with airline companies, though we possess the capability to do so. Looking ahead, we aim for these toilets to grace Indian-made aircraft in the future. Our startup, proudly operating in India, manufactures the entire product domestically, ensuring 100% local production. We take pride in our independence from reliance on Chinese manufacturing. This commitment underscores our dedication to supporting the Indian economy and promoting self-sufficiency.

Q: What is the total number of toilets you have installed up to this point?

A: Presently, with over 100 installations completed, we find ourselves at the initial phase of commercialization. Our journey has just begun, and we extend heartfelt appreciation to BMC for their trust as our clients. Serving as vendors to BMC, we’ve successfully facilitated the installation of more than 25 toilets, a feat that has left a positive mark on over 60 families. Previously reliant on communal facilities for daily hygiene needs, these families now enjoy the convenience and dignity of having toilets within their homes.

Moreover, our impact extends beyond residential areas, reaching diverse locations such as guard cabins, factory spaces, and even mezzanines. One of the hallmarks of our innovation is its ability to transcend gravitational challenges, enabling installations even in basements. This versatility underscores the adaptability and practicality of our solutions, showcasing how a single toilet unit can serve multiple purposes effectively. As we continue to expand our reach and impact, we remain committed to enhancing access to essential sanitation facilities for communities across various settings.

Q: What is the overarching strategic direction you envision for your startup in the coming years?

A: Our overarching objective is to revolutionize water conservation by significantly reducing wastage. Consider the scenario of a thousand people utilizing conventional toilets, which results in the production of a staggering 10,000 liters of waste. However, in our innovative system, the waste generated by the same number of individuals amounts to merely 1,000 liters, a remarkable reduction that can be seamlessly managed within existing infrastructure.

Central to our vision is the concept of empowering every individual to become a “water warrior.” We advocate for an involuntary approach to water conservation, where even the simplest actions yield significant results. By simply pressing the flush button, individuals contribute actively to our shared goal of preserving this precious resource. We aim to instill a mindset where water conservation becomes second nature, effortlessly integrated into daily routines. This vision represents not just a technological advancement but a cultural shift towards a more sustainable future.

Potty Matic Toilets - Optismart's Vision for Water Conservation
Potty Matic Toilets – Optismart’s Vision for Water Conservation


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