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Eternal Expressions Eliciting Emotions of Eyes

Born amidst the vibrant tapestry of Nagpur to a dedicated employee of the central government, Payal Verma‘s formative years unfolded against a backdrop of diverse locales, granting her the serendipity of immersion in various cultures and the forging of friendships with souls hailing from myriad backgrounds.

In the hallowed halls of academia, her heart found resonance in the twin realms of Mathematics and the visual arts, a passion that guided her trajectory into the realms of Marketing and Advertising following her graduation from Delhi University.

Yet, as the companion of a mariner, she gracefully relinquished the reins of her burgeoning career, first to traverse the seas alongside her husband and subsequently to nurture the blossoming lives of her progeny. Amidst the transformative waves of the social media epoch, Payal serendipitously rekindled connections with companions from her early days, one of whom, like an ethereal muse, rekindled the embers of her dormant artistic flame.

This encounter catalyzed a reawakening within Payal, inspiring her to once again weave the delicate dance of strokes and colors upon the canvas of her existence. The dormant artist within found expression when, a few moons ago, her daughter bestowed upon her an easel and a palette of hues on Mother’s Day. Since that pivotal moment, buoyed by the unwavering support of her cherished kin and steadfast friends, Payal has unfurled the wings of her latent talent, capturing the ephemeral beauty of memories with strokes of vibrant pigments on the canvas of her artistic journey.

In a soulful exchange with The Interview World, Payal Verma, the illustrious proprietor of Chitrang, illuminates the ethereal dance of her brush upon the canvas, capturing the myriad expressions that dance upon faces, with a particular emphasis on the mesmerizing depth of the eyes that elicit heightened emotions. Here, we unveil the essence of her conversation, distilled into key highlights.

Q: What inspires you to concentrate your focus on the delicate contours of the face and the profound depths held within the eyes in your portraits?

A: When I delicately accentuate the highlights in the eyes, it’s akin to infusing vitality into the portrait, breathing life into the very essence of the subject. Subsequently, I find immense joy in exploring the diverse spectrum of skin tones, each hue a vivid brushstroke that breathes vibrancy into my artistic endeavor. My passion lies in animating faces, for in the realm of painting, faces stand as the captivating focal point.

It’s not merely about the act of painting, but a celebration of the visage, an ode to the intricate dance of color and expression. Thus, my fascination with varied skin tones and the profound allure of eyes and expressions converges into a singular purpose: to endow the painting with a pulsating vitality, an essence that beckons me to the mesmerizing realm of portraiture, where every stroke narrates a story of life and color.

Q: How does the symphony of your portrayal style harmonize with the unique cadence that sets it apart from the canvases of others?

A: Behold, I traverse the realms of art unbound by the constraints of formal techniques. A self-taught artisan, I find solace in the act akin to meditation, where the brush becomes my conduit to a realm of creative transcendence. Delve into the intricacies of my craft, and you’ll find no neatly delineated technical guidelines, for my art is an intimate dance with the muse, a symphony composed by the whispers of inspiration.

As a practitioner of this self-discovered form, I’m unable to impart technical details, for the process itself is an organic journey. It defies the rigid structures of conventional teachings, flowing freely like a river charting its course through the canvas. What I bring forth is a visual manifestation of my perception – an abstract reflection of the world as seen through the kaleidoscopic lens of my imagination.

Therein lies the essence of my artistry, an elusive dance between chaos and cohesion, guided solely by the interplay of colors and shapes. Every stroke echoes the pulse of my emotions, each hue a testament to the symphony of my visual encounters. In this realm of self-expression, I paint not merely what exists in reality, but the essence that transcends the tangible, capturing the ineffable beauty that dances before my eyes.

Q: How many seasons have whispered through your strokes, weaving the tapestry of your artistic journey?

A: Embarking on this artistic journey has been a revelation, a rediscovery of a passion long dormant. For the past six years, I’ve immersed myself in the world of art, a realm I had once explored during my school days. The catalyst for this reawakening was a thoughtful gift from my daughter – an easel and paints – on Mother’s Day. The act of painting, which had lain dormant for three decades, found its resurgence with a heartfelt brushstroke dedicated to my daughter.

Reflecting on my youth, memories flooded back of days spent sketching and creating, including a cherished book filled with satirical cartoons of politicians. The pivotal moment occurred when a conversation with a long-lost school friend revealed that my artistic endeavors had left a lasting impression. The sense of depth in a painting during my fourth standard, showcased to the entire class by a proud teacher, lingered in the memory of my friend. It dawned on me that this latent artistic ability, recognized and celebrated decades ago, was a gift waiting to be unwrapped once again, breathing life into my creative spirit.

Q: What nature of response does your painting elicit, and what manner of feedback are you receiving in response to your artistic endeavors?

A: The captivating vibrancy of the painting has garnered widespread admiration, particularly focusing on the expressive eyes. This constitutes the primary feedback – a form of market response, one might say. Remarkably, on the commercial front, commendations are in order. During my inaugural solo exhibition, a noteworthy trend emerged. Surprisingly, a significant number of foreign patrons demonstrated a stronger affinity for my art compared to the local audience. Notably, individuals hailing from South Korea, Canada, and the United States were particularly drawn to and enamored by my paintings.

Enrapturing Eyes Ember Enamouring Entrance of Expressions
Enrapturing Eyes Ember Enamouring Entrance of Expressions

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