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Canvas of Contemplation: Revealing the Unrevealed

In the realm of artistry, Kartik Singh emerges as a youthful visionary, fervently pursuing the essence of happiness through his brushstrokes on canvas. Overflowing with a plethora of ideas and unrestrained imagination, Kartik fervently holds the conviction that while most are captivated by the surface allure of a painting, all must delve deeper into its hidden depths.

In a compelling dialogue with The Interview World, Kartik articulates his perspective with eloquence, shedding light on his unconventional approach. He advocates for art that boldly reveals the obscured, beckoning viewers to pause and contemplate the enigma concealed behind the canvas.

Within this introspective exchange, Kartik unveils profound insights, inviting reflection and exploration into the unseen narratives within his art.

Q: How would you describe the inspiration and message behind the artwork you’ve chosen to showcase?

A: In contemplating our artistic endeavor, we found ourselves at the juncture of a decision: what subject shall grace our canvas? This ponderance unveiled the essence of our artistic intention, akin to the concealed backside of a painting.

Within our creative minds, we envision realms unseen by the casual observer. Just as the surface of a canvas holds the gaze, what lies beyond its veil remains elusive. It is this enigmatic essence I aspire to unveil – the hidden narrative behind every stroke.

Indeed, consider the implements of our craft: the brush, the stole – the silent companions in our artistic odyssey. Their absence from the gallery’s limelight serves as a reminder of their intrinsic role.

Let us cast light upon these overlooked facets. Let us peer beyond the surface, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. This, my friends, is the quintessence of our artistic pursuit.

Q: What inspired you to the conception of this idea?

A: Seated across the room, our eyes wandered amidst numerous canvases of various sizes, scattered about the space. Among them, one canvas captured our attention, distinct from the others. Adjacent lay a cloth, draped casually, and a rope suspended intriguingly.

Considering our original intention to paint something different, our gaze lingered on this unexpected canvas. Contemplating its presence, we were drawn to explore its essence, to unravel the story concealed behind its surface.

Perhaps it was the unseen, the obscured layers, that intrigued us the most—the untold narratives veiled beneath the strokes of paint. In our art, we sought to unveil the hidden, to reveal what lies beyond the mere facade or the traditional viewing gaze.

Through our work, we aimed to bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen, to challenge the viewer’s perception and invite them into the deeper realms of artistic expression. This, we believed, was the true essence of art—to illuminate the unseen and provoke contemplation beyond the gallery’s walls.

Q: How would you describe the other styles or themes present in your artwork beyond what we’ve discussed?

A: Engaging in conceptual photography and the art of editing, I embrace a motto: to delve into history and acquire comprehensive knowledge as a foundation for my artistic journey. Questions echo in my pursuit: What defines art? Who embodies the essence of an artist? How does history shape our understanding? This path, a deliberate choice, guides my career.

Q: How do you envision your personal and professional growth unfolding over the next decade?

A: I find myself wandering through the corridors of my mind, uncertain of a destination. There’s a lack of vision, a void where aspirations once resided. All I crave is the pure delight of creation, lost in the strokes of my brush and the swirls of color upon canvas.

The pursuit of fame feels hollow, devoid of substance or purpose. It holds no sway over me, for my heart seeks only the solace found in the act of painting itself. Therein lies my true calling, not in the clamor of recognition or the pursuit of accolades.

No, my path is simpler, more serene. It is paved with the joy of creation, unfettered by the burdens of ambition. To paint, to revel in the beauty of expression—this is my sole desire, my raison d’être. Nothing more, nothing less.

Q: How would you describe your primary source of motivation?

A: This, here, is my joyous pursuit. It transcends mere career; it embodies my happiness.

In its pursuit, there are no creeds, no fixed objectives. It is simply my bliss.

This endeavor, it is my craft, my calling. It brings me unadulterated joy. For me, life’s purpose is to revel in happiness.

And so it goes, no grandiose aspirations, no convoluted paths. My destination is solely happiness, and in that, I find fulfillment. Elsewhere, I see no reflection of myself.

Unveiling the Unseen Narratives Behind the Canvas - An Enigmatic Reflection Beyond Perception
Unveiling the Unseen Narratives Behind the Canvas – An Enigmatic Reflection Beyond Perception


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