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Brushstrokes of Wisdom: Artistry Across Generations

Nestled in the heart of Janakpuri lies Akanshaa Fine Arts, a distinguished haven for artistic souls, officially recognized by the Government of NCT of Delhi. Offering a spectrum of certification programs spanning from a fleeting month to a transformative six, alongside a comprehensive one-year diploma course, this institution serves as a nurturing ground for burgeoning talents.

In a captivating tête-à-tête with The Interview World, Rakhi Burmi, the luminary Art Teacher at Akanshaa Fine Arts, illuminates the institution’s profound mission. She expounds upon its commitment to unlocking the artistic potential of students across all age brackets, delving into the multifaceted realm of modern art. Furthermore, she elaborates on the enchanting journey of youthful learners, unraveling the intricacies of their artistic evolution.

Moreover, Rakhi underscores a burgeoning trend: the art of gifting, wherein painting transcends its conventional purpose to become a heartfelt expression of emotion. In this enlightening discourse, she unfurls the essence of artistry and its profound impact on both creator and beholder. Herein lie the crux of her insights, distilled for your contemplation.  

Q: How does your artistic journey unfold, revealing the essence of the teachings that shape your creative path?

A: Age is no obstacle within our institute; a vibrant spectrum spans from tender three-year-olds to the seasoned souls of eighty or ninety. All are embraced, for we celebrate diversity across generations. Within the realm of art, boundless possibilities unfold. Here, one can immerse oneself in the interplay of hues, shapes, and the eloquence of lines.

Lines, versatile and dynamic, take on myriad forms, while shapes dance with creativity. Such activities enrapture the hearts of our youngest attendees, serving as a sanctuary from life’s pressures.

In the silent language of art, emotions find expression effortlessly, offering solace to both young and old alike. Among our ranks, a predominant presence emerges from the esteemed realms of banking, where managers and executives seek respite from the rigors of their profession. Likewise, a contingent from the IT sector finds solace in the strokes of a brush.

The canvas becomes a refuge, particularly for those accustomed to the relentless pace of corporate life. Witnessing the dedication of my students, who frequent our studio well past the witching hour, reaffirms the transformative power of art. Amidst the tranquil hours of midnight, from 11 PM to 1:30 AM, they craft their masterpieces, finding solace and serenity in the act of creation.

Art, indeed, stands as a bastion against stress, offering a haven where one can find reprieve, rejuvenation, and joy in the pursuit of creative expression.

Q: In what evolving hues does the canvas of modern art unfurl its expressive narrative?

A: In the realm of contemporary artistry, realism has transcended mere depiction. Now, it’s about seamlessly blending with the aesthetics of interiors. Vibrant hues and intricate designs dominate the modern canvas, seamlessly integrating with diverse living spaces.

Preference leans towards these innovative compositions, where the goddess of realism occasionally appears dull. Stuck with a stagnant piece, one can’t simply discard or gift it away.

Hence, the allure of abstraction beckons. Its fluidity effortlessly mirrors the fluidity of interior dynamics. Portraits, once the epitome of realism, now morph into abstract forms, captivating the discerning eye.

This shift towards abstraction carries a mantra: grasp the rules, then defy them. Today’s youth revel in breaking conventions, finding liberation in creative rebellion.

Q: In the delicate realm of youthful curiosity, where brushstrokes whisper secrets and colors dance with innocence, what tender path of artistic expression do the young ones tread with greater ease?

A: Firstly, I introduce them to the vibrant spectrum of colors, encouraging exploration without constraints. Next, we delve into the foundational art of drawing, an essential element without which the artistic journey remains incomplete. Following this, they advance to the intricate craft of sketching, a challenge that surpasses the simplicity of drawing.

Once adept at sketching, the focus shifts to the strategic application of colors. Within the realm of color mediums, they experiment with watercolors, oil pastels, and charcoals. Yet, mastery of sketching precedes all, serving as the cornerstone for understanding the nuances of artistic expression.

In the realm of sketching, the palette knows no bounds, tailored to the subject’s essence. However, the primacy of sketching remains indisputable, serving as the bedrock skill for comprehending the dynamics of art.

As an art instructor, I am attuned to the psyche of young learners, directing their exploration across varied artistic dimensions, ensuring a holistic journey of discovery.

Q: In the canvas of your perception, how do you envision embracing the essence of these paintings as a gift?

A: The choice of gifts is an intricate dance with personal taste. Whether one leans toward the abstract, revels in the embrace of realism, or finds solace in the delicate strokes of nature’s palette, it all hinges on an individual’s discerning eye and appreciation of artistic expression.

The bestowal of art possesses a unique charm, imprinting itself upon memory with indelible ink. Art, once received, finds sanctuary within the walls of homes and offices, where it stands as a testament to both giver and receiver, enduring the passage of time with grace. In India, a burgeoning trend emerges, wherein the exchange of art as a gift gains momentum. Within this nascent movement lies the promise of a radiant future, where the language of art speaks volumes, weaving connections that transcend the boundaries of mere materiality.

The Narrative of Modern Art - Vibrant Hues and Intricate Designs
The Narrative of Modern Art – Vibrant Hues and Intricate Designs


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