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Elevating Seating Standards with Ergonomic Stadium Chairs

Innovative Seatings Pvt. Ltd. (ISPL) stands out as a prominent manufacturer and supplier, specializing in high-quality stadium chairs. ISPL caters to diverse sectors including auditoriums, cinemas, multiplexes, theatres, stadiums, and recliner setups. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, ISPL’s commitment to quality and excellence is visible. Moreover, the company installs an impressive 50,000 seats per year for auditorium seating and 20,000 seats per month for stadium seating.

Talking to The Interview World, Rajesh Panchal, Director underlines how ISPL revolutionizes the market of mass-seating molded chairs. Here are the excerpts.    

Q: Please tell us about your products.

A: We specialize in manufacturing stadium chairs, designed for mass seating, such as those found in stadiums, auditoriums, and multiplexes. Moreover, our uniqueness lies in being the sole Indian manufacturer of blow-molded chairs, distinct from the previously prevalent injection molding method.

Unlike injection molding, which produces single-layer plastic, our blow molding technique results in double-layer plastic chairs. What sets us apart is our achievement of obtaining European EN and Indian standard accreditations for our products. This is an exclusive feat in India. Furthermore, we offer a warranty period ranging from one to ten years, to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.

We have completed a significant number of projects—77 in total—ranging from smaller-scale ventures to larger undertakings. Such projects involve up to 30,000 chairs in a single location across India. Our track record speaks for itself. We cover various domains, including auditoriums, stadiums, and public seating, with a widespread presence in pan-India.

We comprehensively involve an in-house design and development team, manufacturing processes, and a commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Moreover, our products boast UV resistance, ensuring durability even under exposure to sunlight. We craft from virgin plastics sourced exclusively from ONGC and Reliance.

A notable advantage of our chairs lies in their construction, with the primary structures crafted from corrosion-resistant aluminum. This ensures the chairs maintain their integrity when installed outdoors. Furthermore, our unique anchor fasteners, designed in-house with a chemical bonding feature, provide a secure foundation for the chairs during installation. This feature proves crucial, especially when the flooring conditions may not be optimal, ensuring stability over extended periods.

In addition to being UV resistant, our chairs also exhibit resistance to xenon arc, impact, and static forces. Nevertheless, we meet and surpass the stringent test parameters set by both Indian and European standards. Our commitment to quality, durability, and innovation sets us apart as leaders in the stadium seating industry in India.

Q: Are you exporting your products and where is your manufacturing plant?

A: We currently export our products to various countries, including those in the Gulf region such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, as well as Nepal and Bangladesh. This reflects our ongoing commitment to international trade. Notably, we have a history of successful exports, and our current activities include handling export queries.

Located in Baroda, Gujarat, our plant boasts an impressive installed capacity of 40,000 chairs per month. This means that every month, we can produce a staggering 40,000 chairs.

Q: How do you see the demands of these chairs in the future?

A: The Indian government has shifted its attention towards promoting sports and is placing a greater emphasis on the sports and sports industries. The government has allocated an estimated amount of Rs. 25,000 crores. This substantial investment can lead to the development of significant infrastructure. Additionally, there is a concerted effort to enhance sports participation at the school and college levels.

This strategic focus on sports can spur substantial growth within the sports industry. Moreover, it will not only boost the sale of sports equipment but also augment the entire spectrum of sports-related businesses. In light of this, it’s noteworthy that no companies manufacture professional chairs in India. Such a scenario makes us pioneers in introducing this product to the Indian market. Consequently, we perceive considerable potential in our segment.

Q: What kind of experience the people have after sitting on your chair?

A: The chairs we’ve crafted prioritize ergonomic considerations. We ensure that individuals when seated, experience minimal fatigue and can comfortably occupy the chair for extended durations. To achieve this, we meticulously designed the chair, taking into account the natural contours of human ergonomics.

In contrast to conventional ones, which often feature a fixed 90 or 110-degree angle, our chairs offer ergonomic support. This design choice significantly enhances the overall comfort experienced while seated. Unlike traditional flat chairs, our ergonomic designs cater to the body’s needs, making prolonged sitting more comfortable.

Moreover, our chair offerings extend beyond mere ergonomic considerations. We have incorporated innovative features, such as automatic folding mechanisms. When a person stands up, these chairs effortlessly fold up, creating additional space. This not only facilitates quick movement but also plays a crucial role in expediting the evacuation process during emergencies.

Stadium Chairs with Ergonomic Excellence by Innovative Seatings
Stadium Chairs with Ergonomic Excellence by Innovative Seatings


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