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Sports Surface Testing for Boosting Athletic Excellence

Labosport is a prominent sports surface testing and consulting firm that has evolved into a global entity. With offices and laboratories spanning Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, the company has established an expansive international presence.

Labosport consistently strives to focus on innovation and elevates the quality, safety, durability of sports surfaces, testing equipment, and standards. Bolstering this endeavor is a diverse, multi-disciplinary team proficient in chemistry, engineering, agronomy, instrumentation, and material science.

Operating in over 100 countries, Labosport has garnered trust as the preeminent company in the sports surface testing and consulting industry. Offering comprehensive consulting and advisory services, the company addresses various aspects of sports surfaces, from design and construction to maintenance and management.

Labosport’s overarching mission is the continuous enhancement of sports infrastructures and leisure facilities globally. This mission unfolds through collaborations with local communities, including clubs and schools, as well as major stadia. The company’s unwavering focus encompasses safety, performance, durability, and sustainability.

Distinguishing itself through a unique brand position grounded in innovation, quality, and expertise, Labosport is a stalwart in innovation. The company allocates substantial resources to develop novel testing methodologies and equipment. Furthermore, it ensures a more accurate and precise evaluation of sports surfaces. This dedication serves to minimize the risk of athlete injuries through advanced testing technology and innovative solutions.

Labosport has earned recognition as a trusted partner for sports organizations and governing bodies worldwide. Accredited by numerous organizations, the company conducts testing and certification of sports surfaces. The company adheres to the highest standards of quality, competence, and impartiality.

Talking to The Interview World, Anuj Sharma accents how Labosport India revolutionizes the testing of sports grounds. The following excerpts provide insight into this groundbreaking sports surface testing initiative of Labosport India.

Q: Tell us about your sports surface testing initiatives.

A: Labosport is a sports company that operates at a professional level. Our primary areas of expertise encompass consultancy, testing, certification, and education. In India, our testing operations take center stage, focusing on various surfaces, including both synthetic and natural ones. Each type of surface requires specific testing equipment tailored to its characteristics.

The choice of equipment is contingent upon the nature of the surface, be it synthetic or otherwise. Notably, we conduct tests for a diverse range of sports fields, such as hockey and football. Recently, we worked with Hockey India for the FIH World Cup and Men’s World Cup. In this case, we undertook comprehensive testing of synthetic hockey turf. Additionally, we extend our services to FIFA synthetic turf testing and occasional natural testing.

Our contributions extend beyond India, encompassing a global spectrum of services. These include goal and technology assessments, as well as score play evaluations. Notably, our involvement in the recent Asian Games in China reflects the diverse array of services we offer. In essence, Labosport’s global footprint encompasses a broad range of sports-related testing and consultancy services.

Q: Can you explain the technology you are using for sports surface testing?

A: Allow us to demonstrate our capabilities with our innovative device, the Red Drop. This tool is specifically designed to assess the rebound of sports surfaces. We employ the Red Drop for various testing scenarios, including FIFA and hockey assessments, as well as indoor basketball testing.

In addition to the Red Drop, we utilize another piece of equipment called the Red Box. This device plays a crucial role in evaluating the grass cover and color. It aids in examining the overall condition of the ground, providing valuable insights into its quality and maintenance status.

Q: Do you use this equipment for natural surfaces as well?

A: Certainly. This equipment is primarily designed for natural substances. Additionally, there are devices intended for both natural and synthetic materials, while others exclusively cater to synthetic ones. Each piece of equipment possesses unique characteristics, allowing us to perform specific tests tailored to its intended use. Consequently, we conduct testing for both synthetic and natural materials using the appropriate equipment.

Q: Do you have any accreditation to any sports organization?

A: We operate as an accredited lab, much like FIFA and FIH-accredited labs. This accreditation grants us the authority to conduct sports surface tests and issue reports. Subsequently, upon successful testing, the installer will receive an FIH-approved certificate. We are responsible for conducting the necessary tests to facilitate this certification process.

Q: How does your sports surface testing improve the quality of the game?

A: Sports surface testing serves the purpose of evaluating the quality of the playing surface. By conducting tests, we determine if all parameters fall within the specified standards set by FIFA, FIH, or the relevant sports authority. Ensuring that the measurements align with the established range is crucial. If the surface meets the criteria, we can confidently affirm that the ground is suitable for international or national matches, whatever the event may be. This indicates that the sports surface is of professional quality, ensuring an optimal playing experience for athletes.

Q: How does it help athletes to keep themselves injury-free?

A: Certainly! We conduct rotational testing to assess friction levels on surfaces. If the friction is optimal, ensuring smooth flow, athletes won’t face any issues during activities like hockey. However, problems may arise if the surface is either too soft or too hard. Therefore, we focus on ensuring the quality of installed surfaces, whether they are natural or synthetic, to provide the best experience for athletes.

Q: How many assignments are you doing in India?

A: In India, our testing primarily takes place in both laboratory and field settings. Specifically, when conducting field tests, our focus is predominantly on indoor facilities, synthetic football, and synthetic hockey. This is the predominant testing approach in India. However, on a global scale, our endeavors extend beyond these parameters. We engage in various activities, such as goal-line technology testing, evaluating different scoring plays, and exploring diverse elements.

Q: Do you have any association with any international company?

A: We want to clarify that we are not affiliated with any company. Labosport, our organization, operates in approximately 11 countries worldwide. Within Labosport, we have various subgroups, including Labosol, TTS, TGMS, PSD, and the New Zealand Sports Turf Institute (NZSTI). Labosport offers a comprehensive education for individuals interested in gaining knowledge about natural grass, its quality, and various testing aspects. This includes a range of courses designed to cater to different learning needs.

Q: In which country, does Labosport operate, apart from India?

A: Established in 1993, this French company has a rich history spanning over 31 years. Originating in France, our operations have since grown expansively. We ventured into the UK, Canada, North America, China, and Asia. Further expansions took us to India, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Associations of Labsport with Global Sports Authorities
Associations of Labsport with Global Sports Authorities


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