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DrPashu Technologies Revolutionizing Livestock Care with AI

DrPashu Technologies offers round-the-clock online veterinary consultancy services to animal owners nationwide through its AI-driven mobile application. This innovative platform aids farmers in boosting profits by employing AI technology and facilitating video calls with veterinarians to monitor and mitigate animal mortality rates. Moreover, it assists in overseeing farm health metrics such as revenue and profit margins while issuing timely vaccination reminders.

During an exclusive discussion with The Interview World, Nikhil Gupta, the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of DrPashu Technologies, emphasizes the pivotal role of their application in empowering farmers to better care for their livestock through instant access to veterinary assistance. Here are the key highlights from his insightful interview.

A: What features or functionalities does DrPashu app offer to facilitate farmers in accessing consultations from veterinarians?

A: If you’re an animal owner, whether it’s a cow, buffalo, pig, goat, sheep, dog, or any other pet, and you need to consult with a vet, you’ll find our app incredibly convenient. With no appointment system, you can simply download our DrPashu app, which operates with just a single press. From there, you’ll be able to instantly connect with a veterinarian and receive online consultation. Following the consultation, you can visit a veterinary chemist to purchase the prescribed medicine and administer treatment to your pets or domestic animals. In essence, our app streamlines the process of accessing veterinary care for your animals.

Q: What is the inception date of your startup and what insights can you provide regarding the market’s response to your product or service?

A: Approximately two and a half years ago, we initiated the development of our app, which took a little over two years to complete. Currently, our platform hosts nearly 100 beds, serving over 50,000 customers nationwide. These customers are experiencing the benefits firsthand. Although we receive varied feedback from our customers, our primary focus is on providing convenience. When engaging with our users, the most frequently praised aspect is the ability to connect with a doctor within one minute, emphasizing that they are connected directly with a qualified physician, not a compounder or paramedic.

Q: What obstacles or challenges do you encounter in the process of delivering services?

A: The primary challenge we encounter presently revolves around call quality. In India, both voice and data networks still struggle to meet the demands of the country’s vast population. Due to network inadequacies, call quality often falls short of expectations. Particularly in remote and rural areas, connectivity poses a significant hurdle. Consequently, instances of call drops become prevalent, especially when customers connect with a service provider. These issues fundamentally stem from deficiencies in the telecom infrastructure.

Q: How much do you charge to the customer per call?

A: We’re offering a modest fee of Rs. 99 per call. It’s rare to find such economical veterinary consultations in India for just Rs. 99 when visiting a veterinarian. This affordability is a key factor that delights our customers. Our pricing strategy catalyzes expanding our outreach.

Q: What unique features or aspects set your app apart from others in the market?

A: DrPashu facilitates livestock health monitoring through our distinctive AI-powered health module. One key aspect that sets us apart is our provision of services in 11 languages. Approximately 60-70% of users prefer regional languages, while the remaining 30-40% opt for Hindi or English. Typically, we offer services in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, and other prominent regional languages.

Q: What is the current turnover and how do you anticipate it evolving over the next five years?

A: Currently, our turnover stands at approximately Rs. 1 lakh per month, totalling Rs. 12 lakh per annum. We aim to expand our clientele by collaborating with more B2B partners, such as DeHaat, renowned for its extensive farmer database. Although they primarily focus on crops and do not offer veterinary services, we propose integrating our services into their platform. In instances where farmers require veterinary assistance, they would be seamlessly redirected to our platform.

Our overarching goal is to encompass all aspects of animal husbandry, recognizing its vast potential. Notably, the livestock population in India mirrors that of the human population, estimated at 1.4 billion. Hence, by addressing the needs of this sizable livestock population, we tap into a significant market opportunity.

Working Process of DrPashu App
Working Process of DrPashu App

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