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Customized Medals for Victorious Memories

Amrit Trophies excels in crafting personalized medals for marathons, setting itself apart with premium designs. These medals shine at prestigious tournaments, emphasizing their exclusivity and significance. The unique 3D and vibrant designs redefine recognition, providing triumphant individuals with a tangible reward. With 40 years of experience, the company’s commitment to excellence shines through every zinc-crafted trophy.

Moreover, this goes beyond ordinary medals, symbolizing the culmination of dedicated efforts in a saturated world of traditional accolades. Amrit Trophies’ distinctive approach is a testament to unwavering commitment and creativity. They are setting a new standard for recognition in the field.

Talking to The Interview World, Amrit Pal Singh, Director, Amrit Trophies, underscores the distinctive designs of medals, crafted by them. Presented below are key excerpts from his interview.

Q: Tell us about the uniqueness of your products.

A: Based in Delhi, we specialize in crafting high-quality medals under the brand name Amrit Trophies. Our expertise lies in the customization of medals, specifically catering to pan-India marathons and international marathons.

In contrast to the commonplace gold and silver medals prevalent in India, our premium products stand out at prestigious tournaments. These exclusive medals add value to major events, emphasizing the worth we place on recognizing hard work and achievement.

When individuals emerge victorious with these distinctive 3D and colorful medals, they experience a heightened sense of appreciation. Moreover, it’s a tangible reward that goes beyond the ordinary, symbolizing the culmination of their dedicated efforts. In a world saturated with traditional gold and silver awards, our unique creations mark a distinction. Furthermore, those are a testament to our commitment and creativity invested in the field.

As participants and winners in premium marathons or esteemed sporting events, individuals receive more than just a medal. They receive a token of acknowledgment for their relentless hard work. In this way, our medals serve as a meaningful representation of achievement in events where dedication gets its due recognition.

Q: How many modules have you created so far?

A: We have crafted a huge number of medals, particularly for marathons, over the past decade. It would be difficult to quote a number. In addition to our decade-long involvement in designing marathon medals, we make trophies, medals, and shields. Hence, our experience in creating these specialized medals spans the last 10 years. However, our business is over 40 years old.

Q: Is this your family business?

A: Absolutely, my father was involved in this profession, specifically with the Indian Army. He adorned his accomplishments with badges, momentous memories, and trophies, all crafted from pure brass with intricate etchings. As you observe, these items include brass plates and cups, each meticulously handmade.

Q: Of which metals are these trophies made?

A: Primarily, zinc is the base material we are using for these trophies, including those awarded for marathons and various achievements. The manufacturing process involves multiple layers of chemical treatments. Nevertheless, they give the appearance of a manual touch despite starting with the raw materials.

Q: Can you name a few major tournaments?

A: Recently, the WNC Marathon unfolded in Mumbai, drawing a massive participation of 17,000 enthusiasts. Preceding this event was the Pune Marathon, which took place just last week. We have others in the Southern part of the country, such as the Erode Marathon and the Salem City Marathon. Additionally, the Satara Hill Marathon has been a notable event that we have actively participated in over the past years.

Q: Who are your major clients in the marathon segment?

A: Typically, we cater to prominent clients involved in various sporting events, with a notable focus on golf. Specifically, we have a significant clientele from the military, including both the Indian Navy and Army personnel. This encompasses a range of items such as badges and lapel pins. To meet their specific needs, we provide customization services, tailoring the design according to their preferences. This involves careful consideration of factors like quantity, design elements, and the incorporation of both 3D and 2D features. Moreover, the distinctive factor is the aligned theme with their respective logos.

Medals Beyond the Ordinary – Crafting and Customization to Redefine Recognition
Medals Beyond the Ordinary – Crafting and Customization to Redefine Recognition


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