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Making Organic Products Affordable

Established in 2020, Kisaan Se Kitchen Tak (KSKT) AgroMart stands out as a technology and supply chain startup with a keen emphasis on organic products. The company envisions becoming the go-to source for health, immunity, and delectable flavors among consumers who prioritize organic living.

Commencing as a pilot project in Noida, KSKT has evolved into a highly regarded brand synonymous with pure and organic products. Today, it has successfully expanded its reach through omni-channel retail, catering to customers across India.

Talking to The Interview World, Dorothy Marston, Head of Sales and Marketing at KSKT, accents the vision of the company. She underscores how KSKT is warranting a steady income of farmers. Moreover, she emphasizes how the company ensures health, immunity, and taste through its commitment to organic products. The following excerpts provide insights from the conversation.

Q: Tell us about your company and products.

A: KSKT AgroMart envisions not only ensuring a steady income for farmers but also supplying wholesome organic food to society. Our commitment spans various initiatives, including women’s empowerment, with women actively participating in our farming operations. Emphasizing organic farming, we exclusively cultivate products without the use of chemicals or preservatives, ensuring a healthier choice for consumers.

Adhering to a zero-waste approach, we refrain from stockpiling goods and procure items upon receiving orders. This allows us to deliver freshly harvested organic products within a few hours of placing an order. Eventually, it promotes both efficiency and freshness. Our product range encompasses a variety of groceries, including organic cereals, cold-pressed oils, and natural gift hampers.

Within the KSKT AgroMart umbrella, we have distinct verticals. One such venture is Kaze Living, a comprehensive marketplace offering gourmet lifestyle products. Furthermore, this platform consolidates various items, from bread to cheese and snacks, eliminating the need to browse multiple platforms.

The second noteworthy vertical is Coco Kings, which specializes in a unique variety of coconuts. For instance, our orange coconut boasts 35% less sugar, making it suitable for diabetic individuals. Moreover, it provides an impressive 95% extra electrolytes. These coconuts, sourced from Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, are organic and offer more nutrients than their green counterparts.

In essence, all our products at KSKT AgroMart are natural and organic. They cater to the preferences of individuals seeking a healthy lifestyle at an affordable cost.

Q: How many farmers are working with KSKT AgroMart?

A: We’ve established connections with over 3000 farmers, including both individual farmers and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs). Some farms are our own, while others are independent individual farmers. Our ongoing efforts involve expanding these connections to even more farmers. As part of our commitment to fostering a sense of happiness in the kitchen, we have developed this platform.

Additionally, we’ve ventured into the FREco vertical. Our overarching goal is to contribute positively to society, catering to a diverse range of people. It includes middle-class, upper-middle-class, premium, and lower-class demographics. Specifically, with FREco, we aim to reach the lower middle class by offering them access to organic-like products.

Despite not being certified organic, we ensure their quality by employing a thorough cleansing process using neem and lemon solutions. Ultimately, this cleansing process effectively eliminates germs and pesticides. This not only guarantees the quality of our products but also makes them near-organic at an economical choice.

Our company operates under four distinct verticals, each contributing to our overarching vision. The first is KSKT, which specializes in organic products. Next is Coco King, offering unique coconut-based products. We also have Kaze Living, a line of gourmet lifestyle products. Finally, FREco represents our commitment to providing fresh, organic, and economic choices.

These four verticals operate harmoniously under the same organizational umbrella KSKT AgroMart. In essence, it enables us to offer a diverse range of high-quality organic products to our customers.

Q: How large are your product ranges?

A: The product range currently consists of over 1000 items. Furthermore, we continue to expand by introducing new and distinctive products to our market. As we strive to enhance our offerings, we ensure to providing a diverse and ever-growing selection. This helps us meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Q: What is the market response?

A: The market’s response is overwhelmingly positive. Customers are happy with the convenience it offers, as they can easily afford all the products in one place. We also ensure that our customers don’t have to search different places for various items. Instead, they can conveniently find everything they need in one location. Presently, we operate online, and we have plans to establish several physical stores in India.

Organic Empowerment - Redefining Fresh, Natural, and Affordable Choices
Organic Empowerment – Redefining Fresh, Natural, and Affordable Choices


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