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AzanGuru: Revolutionizing Quranic Education Through Tech

AzanGuru promises a profound journey of spiritual growth that transcends personal backgrounds and scheduling constraints alike

AzanGuru stands as the paramount avenue for achieving mastery in Quranic recitation, tailored for practitioners across all age groups. The platform boasts an exhaustive curriculum that delves deep into Tajweed and pronunciation, ensuring an immaculate rendition of the Holy Quran.

Through dynamic live sessions and bespoke mentorship, learners have the liberty to seek counsel and pose queries at their convenience. The program’s adaptable framework empowers individuals to complete the course within a span of 3 to 5 months, with the flexibility of choosing between live interactions or archived sessions to suit their preferences.

AzanGuru’s educators are wholly devoted to fostering triumph, extending unwavering support via messaging, calls, and emails during operational hours. Embracing the digital realm, the platform affords the luxury of studying from the sanctity of one’s abode, accessible round-the-clock to cater to varied schedules.

With its avant-garde approach to Quranic pedagogy, AzanGuru guarantees a transformative odyssey of spiritual ascension, transcending barriers of background and timetable alike.

In an exclusive tête-à-tête with The Interview World, Md Sufyan Saif, the Co-founder of AzanGuru, elucidates upon the Quranic learning platform, emphasizing its role in propagating the Sacred Quran, and articulates his profound vision for the future. Presented here are the salient elucidations from his discourse.

Q: Could you please explain how AzanGuru operates?

A: AzanGuru, a groundbreaking digital platform, revolutionizes Quranic education. Much like BYJU’S, AzanGuru presents an exhaustive curriculum meticulously designed to ensure impeccable Quranic recitation. Utilizing an adaptive learning process, the platform enhances the efficacy of Quranic studies.

A mere 3% to 3.5% of Muslims currently enroll in traditional schools, which remain bereft of modern technological advancements. AzanGuru transcends these limitations by amalgamating cutting-edge technology with Quranic education. Learners can now master the Quran from the comfort of their homes, at their own pace, and at any time, thus encapsulating our fundamental ethos.

Our offerings include pre-recorded courses augmented by live classes, which are available for a nominal fee. For those desiring individualized guidance, our subscription model provides access to personalized teacher support.

Q: What is the total number of subscriptions you currently have?

A: We currently boast an impressive 4,200 paid users. Furthermore, our app has been downloaded by nearly 35,000 individuals who have also perused our website.

Q: Can you explain how AzanGuru supports the popularization of the Quran?

A: Globally, those who peruse the Quran often defer comprehending its meanings, awaiting elucidation from a Maulana or scholar. Within the precepts of Islam, it is a revered tenet to recite the Quran in Arabic.

Nonetheless, a pervasive challenge emerges in the realm of accurate pronunciation. The sanctity of recitation is intrinsically tied to its correct articulation. Thus, we dedicate ourselves to guiding learners towards impeccable pronunciation.

Even for those devoid of reading skills but able to count to three, our pedagogy is accessible. Our paramount objective is to refine pronunciation. For neophytes unfamiliar with the script, we initiate instruction from the very fundamentals.

Q: How do you approach teaching the meanings of the Quran to learners?

A: No, we refrain from elucidating the meanings. The absence of a formidable team of scholars precludes such an endeavor. Furthermore, the sheer multitude of sects exacerbates the complexity. Consequently, we are unable to explore such profundity at this juncture.

Q: Could you provide information about your program focusing on the modern education of Islamic children?

A: Absolutely. This untapped market holds immense potential. We can effectively address poverty by introducing skill-based courses.

Our plan includes integrating these courses into our portfolio within the next 4-5 years. Earning community trust is crucial, especially regarding religious matters. When we provide skill-based training, their trust in us grows, enhancing our impact.

Our go-to-market strategy focuses on Quran learning, a niche market with vast opportunities. By leveraging this approach, we aim to build trust and drive significant social impact.

Q: How do you typically reach your users?

A: Spanning the UK, US, Canada, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, our primary user base consists of Muslims worldwide. In India alone, there are 200-250 million Muslims. Many professionals in corporate and defense sectors lack convenient avenues for Quranic study. Our application offers a crucial solution by providing easy online access to Quranic education, benefiting both adults seeking learning opportunities and their children.

Q: Could you outline your plans for the future?

A: Our forthcoming endeavor entails mentoring our Muslim fraternity in the meticulous study of the Quran. Subsequently, we aspire to embark upon the exploration of languages such as Urdu and Arabic. Should an opportunity arise to augment our efforts by elucidating meanings and broadening our scope, we shall seize it with utmost diligence.

AzanGuru Enabling an Immaculate Recitation of the Quran
AzanGuru Enabling an Immaculate Recitation of the Quran

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