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AI is Here to Maximize Your Movie Distribution and Outreach

MovieSaints stands as an innovative AI-powered tech company specializing in movie distribution. With a visionary approach, the company aims to bridge the gap between captivating stories and eager audiences. This mission unfolds through the facilitation and empowerment of filmmakers, writers, and producers in the entire lifecycle of creating, distributing, and monetizing their creative works.

Within the digital distribution landscape, MovieSaints presents a comprehensive suite of services. First and foremost is WatchMyFilm, a secure online pay-per-view film release platform. This ensures a seamless and protected experience for both creators and viewers. Additionally, SecuredScreener provides a dedicated service for the safe storage and sharing of films and video screeners, enhancing confidentiality and preventing unauthorized access.

Addressing the financial aspect of filmmaking, MovieSaints introduces BackThisFilm, a fundraising and crowdfunding service tailored for filmmakers. This platform not only empowers creators to bring their visions to life but also connects them directly with supporters who believe in their projects.

Lastly, FestivalSaints emerges as a unique offering, providing a piracy-proof online film screening platform for festivals and film clubs. This not only safeguards intellectual property but also enhances the accessibility of films to a wider audience, fostering a sense of community among cinephiles.

In an insightful conversation with The Interview World, Priyadarshi Rishiraj, the Founder and CEO of MovieSaints, delves into the intricacies of his startup’s AI-powered distribution platform. The ensuing excerpts shed light on the transformative role MovieSaints plays in the dynamic landscape of film distribution.

Q: Tell us about the product and the business model you are working on.

A: Introducing MovieSaints, our innovative product designed to address a common challenge in the film industry. The prevailing issue is that, typically, a film undergoes a conventional distribution process—released in theaters, awaiting potential acquisition by streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon.

However, this traditional system often falls short, hindering a film’s potential outreach. Films tend to garner the most attention in their initial weeks, especially while running in theaters. The catch is that theaters are not universally accessible; if a film is exclusively playing in, say, New York, an audience member from Philadelphia might find it impractical to travel two hours to view it.

Recognizing this gap, we aim to revolutionize film distribution. Our approach leverages AI to strategically bring films to audiences precisely when the demand is at its peak, typically within the first four weeks of release. This ensures that viewers, irrespective of their location, can access the film during its prime period.

To achieve this, our tech-driven company identifies geographical dead zones that traditional theaters cannot reach. Additionally, we customize pricing based on diverse economic contexts, acknowledging the need for flexibility in a global market with varying pricing expectations.

Addressing the crucial concern of piracy, we have implemented a robust anti-piracy system to safeguard filmmakers’ revenue streams. Beyond distribution, MovieSaints offers an array of services to support filmmakers, including crowdfunding assistance and facilitating the transition of film festivals to online platforms. Our commitment extends to providing a secure platform for sharing screeners while maintaining stringent anti-piracy measures.

Despite these supplementary services, our core focus remains on revolutionizing film distribution. It’s a fact that many filmmakers, including Oscar winners, miss out on significant revenue opportunities. Shockingly, over the past three decades, only six films achieved a release in over 50% of theaters in the USA.

MovieSaints endeavors to change this narrative, redirecting money back into producers’ pockets. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that filmmakers no longer leave substantial revenue untapped, even in a market as vast and diverse as the film industry.

Q: How you are going to compete with the distributors?

A: We don’t see ourselves in direct competition with distributors; rather, we view our role as complementary to theirs. Consider this scenario: a distributor releases a film in Delhi, but what about the audience in Kanpur?

By extending the film’s reach to Kanpur, we tap into a previously untapped audience. As the Kanpur audience embraces the movie, they become advocates, recommending it to their friends in Delhi who may not have had the chance to see it. Simultaneously, our platform serves as a bridge, connecting potential viewers in Delhi to the film’s screening in their vicinity.

Our aim is not to undermine distributors but to enhance and simplify the business. When someone from Delhi visits MovieSaints, we guide them to the nearest theater where the film is playing, streamlining the ticket-buying process. This approach not only avoids competition but also ensures that regional theaters experience increased foot traffic, ultimately benefiting distributors in areas where they lack a significant presence.

Q: Do you have any online platform and how will it work?

A: We offer a user-friendly online platform. The process is straightforward. For instance, if you wish to watch a film, you can visit our movie scenes section to check its availability. If the film is currently showing in a nearby theater, we guide you by providing information such as ‘Sorry, this film is not available online.’ We offer a convenient link for purchasing tickets to the theater.

On the other hand, if there’s no local screening, you can instantly enjoy the movie online by making a payment on our site. It’s not a subscription-based model because we understand people’s fatigue with subscriptions and the overwhelming number of movies that may not align with their preferences.

Quality matters more than quantity. Viewers crave specific content rather than a plethora of options. In response, we focus on delivering what our users desire. If it’s a hot film they’re after, that’s precisely what we provide. No need to sift through countless other titles. Our approach is centered around pay-per-view, ensuring a tailored and satisfying viewing experience.

Q: How will this formula work? Are you, filmmakers, and distributors going to interlink this?

A: Navigating the film distribution process can be intricate due to the involvement of numerous intermediaries. However, let’s break it down for clarity. The journey begins with a film producer creating the film, who then engages with a distributor. The distributor incurs certain charges before proceeding to connect with a movie theatre, which, in turn, claims a percentage of the revenue.

The entire percentage collected by the movie theatre eventually trickles back to the distributor and, subsequently, to the producer. For instance, a producer might approach us with a specific plan: the film will be showcased in 50 designated theaters, with the rest of the locations open for screening. In this arrangement, 30% of each ticket sale remains with us, while the producers enjoy the lion’s share of 70%.

However, when there’s an additional middleman, things get more intricate. These intermediaries claim 70%, leaving the producers with the remaining share. It’s crucial to note that we do not influence the terms of the deal struck by the film producer; rather, we function as the final stage in the exhibition process.

Q: What kind of market response are you getting?

A: In 2019, before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we conducted a case study centered around an Assamese film, “Aamis.” Despite being a challenging film to market, we strategically released it in six cities across India, followed by a comprehensive screening throughout Assam. The key aspect of our approach was the exclusive booking of theaters in these locations.

To illustrate, if the movie played in Andheri, residents of Bombay and Churchgate could access it online. However, those in Versova were required to visit the theater for the viewing experience. This targeted strategy aimed to cater to individuals dispersed across the country, offering them access to the unique theater experience of a regional language film on our platform.

In contrast to mega-franchises like Star Wars or Marvel, which enjoy widespread global theater releases, our focus lies in providing a platform for medium to small-budget films. These films, unable to secure screenings in every cinema worldwide, find a niche on our platform. The blockbuster success of “Animal,” grossing Rs. 800 crores despite releasing in just 18 theaters in the UAE, exemplifies the potential for non-mainstream cinema. Highlighting the limitation of traditional cinema, this scenario prompts the question: what about the audience beyond those 18 theaters? Our platform addresses this gap, emphasizing that it’s not just about regional cinema; every film has the potential to thrive in diverse movie settings.

MovieSaints - The AI-powered Tech Disruptor in Movie Distribution
MovieSaints – The AI-powered Tech Disruptor in Movie Distribution

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