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Unveiling PPI’s Impact: Leading the Charge in Automation

PPI assumes a pivotal role within the automation industry, rigorously enforcing adherence to standards through meticulous quality assurance protocols that align seamlessly with international benchmarks

Established in 1988, Process Precision Instruments (PPI) embarked on a mission to design, develop, and manufacture state-of-the-art Process Monitoring and Control Systems spanning diverse sectors—from Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals to Cements and Nuclear facilities. Through steadfast dedication to meeting exacting client demands, the company has notched remarkable milestones, forging a distinctive niche in the automation industry.

Driven by market imperatives and customer feedback, virtually all products exemplify PPI’s steadfast pursuit of excellence. The company enjoys a sterling reputation, underscored by numerous pioneering achievements. Its fusion of technological acumen and unwavering commitment to quality empowers clients to optimize operations seamlessly. Armed with profound insights into various processes and equipment, PPI has cultivated enduring partnerships with scores of prominent OEMs nationwide.

Backed by cutting-edge production facilities manned by proficient engineers, PPI ensures stringent adherence to standards through rigorous quality assurance protocols.

In an exclusive dialogue with The Interview World, Jay Jain, Head of Business Development at PPI, delves into the company’s automation portfolio, shares prognostications on India’s automation sector for the next half-decade, and underscores the mounting competitiveness of Indian offerings vis-à-vis their American and European counterparts. Here are the salient excerpts from his illuminating conversation.

Q: Could you provide insights into your company’s position in the automation industry and detail its range of product offerings?

A: Our company boasts a distinguished 35-year legacy in process control and automation. Our product spectrum is meticulously segmented into four cardinal domains: process indication, control, factory automation, and data logging.

In the realm of process control and indication, we proudly showcase an array of bespoke offerings, encompassing process indicators, temperature scanners, PID controllers, and a plethora of temperature control mechanisms.

Venturing into factory automation, our portfolio includes signal and protocol converters, alongside IO modules featuring analog and digital input/output cards. These modules facilitate seamless data transmission via Ethernet TCP/IP or GSM, including our cutting-edge remote IO solutions.

Within the domain of data logging, our distinguished line of data loggers stands adorned with 21 CFR compliant software. From single-channel extendable up to 128-channel universal variants, tailored specifically for temperature, humidity, and universal data logging requirements. With an ample 4 GB memory capacity, our data loggers ensure robust data retention, accommodating recording intervals as frequent as one second for up to a month and a half.

Augmenting these offerings, our in-house manufacturing capabilities encompass an extensive range of sensors, from precision-engineered thermocouples and RTDs to versatile variants like J and K thermocouples, complemented by sophisticated humidity sensors.

Thus, from sensorial inception to precise indication, adept control, robust data transmission via Ethernet or GSM, to meticulous data logging, ours is a holistic, end-to-end solution.

Q: Can you specify the industries your products target?

A: We predominantly serve the pharmaceutical sector, yet our influence extends far beyond. Our clientele spans the chemical, food processing, plastic, and cement industries. Moreover, our products are integral to the operations of system integrators across diverse sectors, underscoring our expansive market footprint that defies industry-specific confines.

Q: How do you envision the evolution of the Indian automation industry over the next five years, and what factors do you believe will drive its growth?

A: Soon, Industry 4.0 strides forward briskly, propelled by rigorous government regulations meticulously enforced. This regulatory framework guarantees compliance, catalyzing substantial demand for factory automation, building solutions, and the entire spectrum of IoT and industrial IoT. The ensuing five years promise an exponential surge in these domains.

Q: What are the key differences between Indian automation products and those offered by multinational corporations (MNCs) or foreign competitors?

A: Our company’s products have effectively supplanted numerous European and American brands. It is a fact that even technology giants in the US and Europe boast engineers of Indian origin, affirming India’s substantial talent pool.

Furthermore, the government’s facilitative ecosystem for startups has catalyzed the rise of several automation enterprises helmed by spirited young entrepreneurs. While these products are currently nascent, they show promising potential to rival their international counterparts.

Looking ahead five to six years, we envision our products achieving parity with leading European and American counterparts.

Q: In your assessment, how do you perceive the balance between price and product quality?

A: The pricing advantage is formidable due to our local manufacturing capabilities. Our commitment to quality matches global standards, while service support may vary across companies. With an expanding ecosystem, all solutions can be found locally. We aim for competitive pricing without compromising on quality, achieving a harmonious balance poised for substantial growth over the next five years.

Ensemble of Smart Automation Products Manufactured by PPI
Ensemble of Smart Automation Products Manufactured by PPI


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