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Sparsh Securitytech: Your Unwavering Partner for Critical Infrastructure Security

In the era of modern living, physical security technology and equipment, spearheaded by India’s own Sparsh Securitytech, play a pivotal role, offering a myriad of benefits across personal, residential, commercial, and public domains. As we navigate a world fraught with ever-evolving threats to critical infrastructure, ranging from sabotage, terrorism, and cyberattacks to accidents and natural disasters, safeguarding these vital lifelines becomes paramount. Sparsh Securitytech, a proud ‘Made in India’ company, is unwavering in its commitment to fortifying essential infrastructure. As affirmed by Sumit Behl, Director-Sales, in a recent interview with The Interview World, their dedication to research and development sets the stage for technological innovation to address these dynamic challenges. By expanding beyond conventional standards, they offer cutting-edge, high-performance solutions that ensure uninterrupted operations in all circumstances.

Q: In light of the soaring threats to critical infrastructure, how is physical security technology positioning itself in India’s critical infrastructure security solutions market?

A: Critical infrastructure forms the bedrock of a nation’s growth, making it essential to invest in defining a framework through advancements in research and development. To effectively counter new threats, technology must be complemented with physical solutions that offer protection against the dangers of our times. Therefore, it is imperative to extend efforts beyond conventional ISO standards and benchmarks to address these evolving challenges. This demands a significant focus on research and development, a core principle at Sparsh. Sparsh, with its comprehensive range of cutting-edge, high-performance deployable solutions, provides assurance of uninterrupted operations in all circumstances.

Q: What range of products does Sparsh Securitytech offer?

A: Sparsh offers a wide range of global standards Video Surveillance products such as IP Cameras, Analog HD Cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVRs), Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), Video Encoders, Video Management Software (VMS), Video Content Analytics (VCA), and accessories like IR Illuminators, Power Supplies, UTP Baluns, Video Switchers, Housings, and Mounts. They also offer Integrated Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Systems, Face Recognition Analytics, i-MAS (Intelligent Monitoring and Announcement System) – a unique combination of IP Cameras and PA System, Qualitative Analysis in Education System (QAES) – an exceptional Hardware/Software tool to improve the overall standard of Education in Schools, Colleges, and Institutes, Parking Management Systems, Toll Management Systems, Solar-based Cameras, and Event Cameras.

Q: Can you tell us more about i-MAS?

A: i-MAS stands for Intelligent Monitoring and Announcement System. It is a unique combination of IP Cameras and a PA System developed by Sparsh Securitytech. It is designed to provide real-time monitoring and announcement of events in various scenarios such as schools, colleges, offices, factories, malls, etc. It can detect and announce predefined events such as fire, smoke, intrusion, crowd, etc. using video analytics and audio alerts. It can also trigger actions such as sending SMS, email, or activating alarm devices based on the events. i-MAS can integrate with the existing IP Cameras and PA Systems or use Sparsh’s own products and can be controlled and configured remotely using a web-based interface or a mobile app.

Q: How does Sparsh Securitytech ensure data privacy and security?

A: Data privacy and security are crucial aspects of video surveillance solutions. Sparsh Securitytech follows the best practices and standards to protect the data of their customers and end-users. We employ encryption and authentication protocols to safeguard the transmission and storage of data, while also adhering to the applicable laws and regulations pertaining to data protection and privacy in both India and the other countries in which we operate.


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