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Reducing Toxins, Improving Hygiene

CleanSwipe delivers top-notch hygiene solutions tailored to specific needs. Within its product line, a range of premium disinfectant wipes ensures cleanliness, safety, and a germ-free environment. Mindful of the hygiene of users and their surroundings, CleanSwipe’s wipes don’t use harsh chemicals like alcohol, bleach, or ammonia. Thus, they ensure safety for all surfaces.

The company offers toxin-free wipes that effectively remove sweat, grime, and bacteria, and neutralize odors on soft surfaces. Whether it’s electronics, gym equipment, or other surfaces, CleanSwipe wipes provide reliable hygiene solutions. Eventually, they contribute to a cleaner and healthier world.

The wipes excel in efficiently eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, safeguarding users’ health and hygiene. Moreover, CleanSwipe ensures the integrity of stainless steel and iron equipment. The wipes are rust-free and gentle even on delicate surfaces.

Talking to The Interview World, Jai Chopra, Founder and CEO, CleanSwipe underscores how his startup is revolutionizing hygiene solutions. Here are the excerpts from his interview.

Q: Tell us about your company and products.

A: CleanSwipe, our company, drives a mission to make hygiene both affordable and easily accessible throughout India. Our primary focus lies in ensuring efficiency and encouraging people to consistently sanitize their equipment to maintain hygiene. To achieve this, we have developed a range of products. These are alcohol-free, bleach-free, and ammonia-free, safeguarding surfaces from the potential harm caused by prevalent products in the market.

Unlike conventional options that often result in rough surfaces, damage, and rusting, our products utilize a soft material called QAC. This material guarantees the protection of your equipment, preventing any adverse effects. Notably, our exclusion of alcohol-based ingredients ensures the preservation of stainless steel and iron products.

Affordability is a key aspect of our approach, as we strive to bring hygiene to the masses in India. A single pack of our wipes, comprising 500 units, costs at approximately Rs. 900. However, 100 such wipes cost between Rs. 400 to Rs. 500 in the market.

Practicality is another hallmark of our products. People can conveniently store wipes in the dispenser, which includes a built-in bin. After usage, simply return the used wipe to the dispenser. When the bin is full, easily remove and dispose of the used wipes before placing them back into the dispenser.

Q: How old is your company?

A: It’s a brand-new venture, essentially my startup. I founded it based on an idea I conceptualized about two and a half months ago. The company officially started operating two months back. In the initial phase, I spent around a month exploring manufacturing options. However, I soon realized that the path I wanted to pursue is different.

Subsequently, I dedicated more time to research and development. After a thorough exploration, I successfully launched my product a month ago. Currently, my online platform is still under development, and I anticipate its official launch within the next week.

Q: What kind of awareness do you find in India right now about cleanliness and hygiene?

A: There is currently a significant hygiene gap in India. This product aligns with similar ones in both America and Europe, where hygiene has gained increasing importance in recent years. Notably, India has embraced basic hygiene standards during the COVID-19 pandemic, incorporating cleaning protocols for shared spaces like gyms.

Our product enhances the efficiency and ease of sanitization while maintaining hygiene. We are introducing it to elevate hygiene standards in India. Over the last two days, I’ve received positive feedback, with people expressing gratitude for addressing this need. More individuals are approaching me. They are curious about the product’s benefits and affirm the pressing necessity for such solutions in India. It’s gratifying to witness such positive responses from the community.

Q: What’s the purpose of participating in a sports expo?

A: My primary objective for participating in a sports expo is to gain insights into the areas where germs are most prevalent. I am an avid gym enthusiast and someone who engages in MMA fighting as both a passion and a hobby. I’ve observed a noticeable hygiene gap within the sporting and fitness industry. This realization has fueled my desire to address and improve hygiene standards in such environments.

Recognizing this opportunity, I envision collaborating with gym wholesalers and specific gyms to enhance hygiene accessibility and reduce the spread of germs within these spaces. However, my ambition extends beyond just gyms. I aim to expand into diverse settings, including airports, hotels, lounges, and medical centers. I firmly believe that hygiene should be a universal concern. Furthermore, I want to contribute to hygiene standards across various environments.

Q: Where is your production unit established in India?

A: Currently, we operate in Delhi, spanning across Sonipat and Wazirpur in four distinct areas. This distribution is essential because of the varied components involved. Moreover, the steel site serves as a common ground for producing dispensers, wipes, chemicals, and pockets. Notably, we use diverse sources, each strategically located in different areas.

CleanSwipe – Making Hygiene Affordable and Accessible
CleanSwipe – Making Hygiene Affordable and Accessible

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