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For HR Solutions, Enterprises can Bank on The Unicorn People

Vandana Teji, Founder and CEO of The Unicorn People, is a seasoned HR professional with over 15 years of industry expertise. She holds a master’s degree in Strategic Human Resource Management from the National University of Singapore. Vandana, an External Member of organizations, has led POSH investigations since 2011. Moreover, the Indian government has recognized her as a dedicated resource in preventing workplace harassment.

She specializes in fostering diverse, inclusive, and exemplary workplaces, offering policy guidance, sensitivity training, and grievance management. Vandana’s leadership extends to WICCI, National Pay Parity Council, and roles in Swapnopuran, Janitri NGO, and Embarc Care Foundation. Her bootstrapped firm, The Unicorn People, excels in global HR outsourcing.

Vandana’s outstanding contributions earned her recognition as one of the “1000 Women Faces of Asia” in 2021. She also received honours as the “Innovative Leader of the Year.” Moreover, she got the “Women of Excellence” award in 2022. Vandana also won the “Women Entrepreneur Award 2023” for HR Consulting and special recognition from HRAI for “Best POSH Strategy.”

Talking to The Interview World, Vandana underlines how The Unicorn People has revolutionized HR outsourcing services attuned to client needs. Here are the excerpts from her interview.

Q: In a rapidly evolving business landscape, how does The Unicorn People differentiate itself from traditional HR consulting firms, and what unique value does it bring to its clients?

A: The Unicorn People serves as the dedicated HR support arm, specifically crafted to keep pace with the dynamic business landscape. Our outsourcing services offer the burgeoning economy a strategic advantage, swiftly adapting to the evolving demands of the business. By aligning policies, processes, and people seamlessly, we ensure a harmonious delivery apropos the changing scenarios in the business landscape.

Q: The Unicorn People operates across diverse regions. How do you navigate cultural nuances and regulatory variations to ensure effective HR solutions for your clients worldwide?

A: Our team boasts diverse expertise and an in-depth comprehension of HR functions. In our approach, we either restructure the local SPOC or recruit a professional to serve as their HR representative. Throughout this process, the chosen individual receives coaching and support from our central team.

Q: As a new-age HR consulting firm, how does your organization leverage technology and innovation to enhance its services and adapt to the evolving needs of its clients?

A: We take pride in our tech-savvy team. They are adept at efficiently leveraging the latest technology to support diverse workplace models—Physical, Hybrid, or Remote. Collaborating with various HRMS platform providers, we contribute to creating streamlined organizations. Moreover, our approach hinges on data-based insights, fostering improved people management and heightened productivity.

Q: How different are the HR requirements for new-age companies like startups from the traditional enterprises and how do you tailor strategies for them?

A: The new-age companies, particularly startups, prioritize careful budgeting in every aspect of their business operations. Outsourcing HR services provides them with the advantages of a comprehensive HR team. This is similar to larger establishments but without the burden of substantial manpower expenses.

A dedicated SPOC, tailored to their business needs, oversees all HR functions. This individual collaborates with our experienced Chief Human Resources Officers, contributing to the establishment of a unified organization. Consequently, this approach enhances the company’s market presence, making it more appealing for attracting and retaining top-tier talent.

Q: With a focus on growing enterprises, what strategies does The Unicorn People employ to attract and retain top talent for its clients, especially in competitive markets?

A: The Talent Acquisition team meticulously curates its extensive database in addition to leveraging conventional sourcing channels. With a LinkedIn reach exceeding 15,000 connections, we have cultivated a robust talent pool. This comprises highly qualified candidates eager to join our client organization. Moreover, this broad network enhances our ability to identify and attract top-notch professionals.

Q: Employee well-being and mental health have gained significant attention in recent times. How do The Unicorn People incorporate these aspects into its HR solutions to promote a healthy and productive workforce?

A: Our primary focus is on promoting employee well-being and mental health. To achieve this, we have a dedicated team of professionals who collaborate to curate an engaging employee calendar. This calendar features sessions, tools, and content for enhancing overall health and well-being among our workforce.

Additionally, we offer an Employee Assistance Program designed to provide comprehensive and regular counselling support to specific employees in need. This program serves as a valuable resource for those requiring ongoing assistance. Furthermore, we have implemented programs geared towards developing our people managers into effective leaders while emphasizing emotional intelligence. These initiatives aim to equip our leadership team with the necessary skills to foster a supportive and positive work environment.

The Unicorn People – Steering HR Strategies for New-Age Enterprises
The Unicorn People – Steering HR Strategies for New-Age Enterprises


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