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Passion for Numismatics Can Take You Global

Ashwani Munjal is a renowned figure in the field of numismatics, with a rich legacy spanning four decades. From his early days, curiosity fuelled his travels overseas, where he sought to delve into the cultures and iconic figures of each visited country. This childhood fascination evolved into a profound passion, leading him to encapsulate his experiences in the book “Beyond Currencies – World’s Most Incredible Minds.”

In this literary venture, Ashwani takes readers on a captivating journey, recounting the stories of various scientists whose images grace the currency of their respective homelands. Through this unique lens, he pays homage to these eminent figures, scientists, and mathematicians, recognizing their monumental contributions that have reshaped the world we inhabit today.

In an engaging conversation with The Interview World, Ashwani Munjal shares insights into his deep-seated passion for numismatics and illuminates the essence of his book, “Beyond Currencies.” The following excerpts from his interview provide a glimpse into Munjal’s profound connection with the world of coins and the fascinating narratives he unravels in his work.

Q: What influenced you to develop a passion for numismatics?

A: During my eighth-grade years, I frequently visited Haridwar and Rishikesh with my parents on holidays. While exploring these places, I observed firsthand the currency exchange dynamics in the open market. Additionally, as I strolled through the streets, I couldn’t help but notice numerous vendors showcasing old currencies for sale. These experiences significantly influenced my perspective and sparked my interest in collecting old currencies from various countries. Consequently, this marked the beginning of my passion for numismatics.

Q: How many country currencies have you collected?

A: I possess an extensive assortment of currencies from more than 150 countries. The symbols featured on paper notes or coins never fail to captivate my interest. Delving into a comprehensive study, I explored the significance of these symbols for each country. They serve as poignant representations of national importance, prominent figures, as well as the diverse flora and fauna that characterize each nation.

Q: How many categories have you delineated for your currency collection, and what do they encompass?

A: I’ve amassed a diverse collection of currencies spanning more than 10 categories, such as science and technology, medicine, personalities with beards, personalities without hair, sports figures, representations of women, and depictions of animals. The field of numismatics is incredibly expansive, and I’ve currently organized my collection alphabetically from A to F. This indexing process began with currencies dating back to 1919.

Q: You authored a book on numismatics titled “Beyond Currencies.” Could you share the purpose or motivation behind writing it?

A: Numismatics, the intriguing study of currencies, extends far beyond the commonplace hobby of collecting coins. The Numismatics Academy, an Indian institute, has taken the initiative to launch an advanced program focused on the comprehensive exploration of money from educational, historical, and scientific perspectives. This program aims to cultivate a keen interest in this hobby among school-going children.

In my modest endeavor titled “Beyond Currencies,” I sought to enhance the knowledge of budding currency collectors. Through this initiative, I aimed to share my collection with the public, providing them with a glimpse into the fascinating world of numismatics.

Q: What kind of response did you get from the market?

A: Globally, the book resonated strongly with audiences, garnering widespread acclaim. Simultaneously, the domestic market responded with overwhelming enthusiasm. Encouraged by this positive reception, I am currently in the early stages of planning another book focused on numismatics, exploring a distinct thematic approach.

Beyond Currencies – World’s Most Incredible Minds
Beyond Currencies – World’s Most Incredible Minds


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