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Delivering Healthcare Solutions through OEM Integration

Oblu Healthcare LLP is a distinguished Indian enterprise that serves as a comprehensive hub for clear aligner manufacturing requirements. The range of services includes cutting-edge scanners, advanced design software, state-of-the-art 3D printers, and precision thermoforming units. Moreover, the company comes up with a diverse array of consumables essential for the aligner production process. Their platform is meticulously designed to serve as the ultimate resource, consolidating all essential components under one roof.

Going beyond product offerings, Oblu Healthcare takes pride in delivering an unmatched operational experience. The commitment to excellence is evident in the seamless functionality of the supplied products. The company is dedicated to ensuring that the customer’s journey with their solutions is characterized by efficiency and efficacy. A cornerstone of their approach is the provision of prompt and effective service support. In essence, Oblu Healthcare offers an additional layer of assurance to the customer’s workflow through OEM integration.

Talking to The Interview World, Nitin Aggarwal, Designated Partner, Oblu Healthcare underscores how his company helps deliver innovative healthcare solutions. Here are the excerpts from his interview.

Q: Tell us about your unique products in the healthcare space.

A: As a distinguished healthcare solution provider, we deliver comprehensive aligner manufacturing solutions to dentists, hospitals, and labs. Through strategic collaborations with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the healthcare sector, we provide cutting-edge healthcare solutions and products.

Our offerings encompass clear dental aligners, utilizing precision control scanners sourced from Denmark. Additionally, our treatment planning software, sourced from Maestro in Italy, enhances the quality of our services. Furthermore, our 3D printing solutions, sourced from Taiwan, contribute to the diversity of our product range. Through partnerships with companies in Australia, Germany, Taiwan, and other regions, we boast a wide array of 3D printers. The prices of these products range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2 crores. In essence, we are establishing ourselves as a global integrator of healthcare products and solutions.

In the realm of technology, we employ advanced thermoforming German technology, utilizing automatic machines with inbuilt compressors. Our consumables, also sourced from Germany, further underscore our commitment to quality. A noteworthy advancement is the replacement of braces, rendering them unnecessary in our innovative approach to healthcare solutions.

Q: What kind of materials are you using for aligners?

A: Aligners, molded plastic dental caps, offer an effective solution for correcting teeth misalignment, serving as a modern alternative to traditional braces. Unlike braces, aligners are user-friendly and cause less discomfort during the adjustment process. Crafted from a durable and disposable material, these plastic aligners are designed for weekly replacement.

One notable advantage is their inconspicuous nature; when worn, they remain virtually invisible. Moreover, observers are unable to discern whether a person is wearing them, allowing for a discreet correction of dental issues. This stands in stark contrast to braces, typically associated with teenage years. Since societal norms discourage adults from wearing them, they often feel uncomfortable.

The prevalence of malocclusion, a condition where teeth are misaligned due to various medical factors, affects 90-95% of the population. The aligner serves as an effective corrective measure, providing a discreet and comfortable solution to this widespread dental issue.

Q: What is the market size of such products in India and what’s your turnover?

A: Presently, the market for these products in India exceeds a billion dollars. Despite being a startup in the industry, my company has achieved a turnover of around Rs. 10 crores within just one year since its inception.

Q: Are you just integrating all products from the OEMs or designing something in-house?

A: We offer comprehensive manufacturing solutions tailored for laboratories, hospitals, clinics, doctors, and dentists. People who are looking to produce end products, simply they can reach out to us. In addition, we provide the necessary equipment and consumables, empowering them to handle the manufacturing process independently. Our solutions span the entire spectrum of healthcare technologies, covering everything from software to hardware components. We extend our services to OEMs, brands, doctors, and hospitals, ensuring a holistic approach. As a testament to our commitment, we have established a dedicated lab at AIIMS in Delhi.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions from Oblu Healthcare
Innovative Healthcare Solutions from Oblu Healthcare


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