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NSU to Nurture Sporting Ecosystem for Future

National Sports University (NSU) is the first university to advance sports education across sports sciences, sports technology, sports management, and sports coaching. Moreover, it strives to serve as the national training center for specific sports disciplines. The university currently operates from its temporary campus at the Khuman Lampak Sports Complex in Imphal. PM Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for the proposed 325-acre NSU campus at Imphal West on 16th March 2018.

NSU adheres to international best practices through the signing of MoUs with renowned international universities. Notably, the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports has forged MoUs with the Universities of Canberra and the University of Victoria.

Talking to The Interview World, Dr. Keren Tiwari, Assistant Professor, NSU underscores how this university is nurturing the sporting ecosystem in India. Here are the excerpts from her interview.  

Q: Tell us about the initiative of establishing the National Sports University by the government.

A: NSU is a visionary initiative of PM Narendra Modi, who designated it as a central university. He presented this gift to Manipur, recognizing its status as a pivotal sporting hub within the nation. Presently, the university operates from a temporary campus in Imphal. However, its permanent facility, situated in Koutruk, Imphal West District, Manipur, is currently under construction.

The university offers four distinct courses across four departments. The Department of Physical Education administers both bachelor’s and master’s programs in physical education. Additionally, the Sports Coaching Department provides Bachelor of Science and Master of Science programs tailored to specific coaching specializations. Currently, these courses comprise eight disciplines, encompassing athletics, weightlifting, swimming, badminton, boxing, archery, and shooting.

Furthermore, NSU extends its academic offerings to include sports science courses. The Sports Psychology Department oversees the Master of Arts in Sports Psychology, while our department manages the Master of Science in Applied Sports Medicine.

As the nation’s first sports university, NSU can leverage a robust sporting ecosystem. The overarching goal of the university is to facilitate a dynamic exchange of knowledge. Moreover, NSU will foster research initiatives and provide a comprehensive educational framework for sports science, athletes, and coaching.

This integration ensures that sports excellence is achieved through a symbiotic relationship between research, education, and training. Therefore, the university will cultivate a sporting ecosystem where excellence thrives through the interconnected realms of research, education, and training.

Q: What are the criteria for admission into NSU?

A: Certainly! NSU is open to students from all regions of the country, making it truly national. Consequently, our student body is diverse, with individuals hailing from the northern, southern, and even southernmost regions like Kerala. This diversity has transformed NSU into a vibrant and varied community.

Being a national university, NSU has made sports participation compulsory for specific courses. For instance, students pursuing sports coaching are required to have actively participated at the district, state, and national levels.

Notably, those who have achieved medals in these competitions score precedence and get direct admission to their chosen courses. This policy underscores NSU’s commitment to nurturing talent and rewarding excellence in sports.

Q: How will this kind of initiative bring changes?

A: Linking education and sports will revolutionize Indian sports in the upcoming years. One significant issue lies in the field of sports science. The lack of connection and integration is evident. Sports psychologists operate independently in their labs, providing advice without coordination with nutritionists and exercise physiologists. This disjointed approach hinders the holistic understanding of an athlete’s performance.

Integration is paramount because multiple factors influence an athlete’s performance. Working in isolation limits our ability to address these factors comprehensively. To enhance performance, collaboration between sports psychologists, nutritionists, and exercise physiologists is crucial.

The vision of NSU holds the potential to transform sports performance in the country. Adhering to this vision will undoubtedly bring about a positive change.

Q: What kind of changes are you noticing in the mindset of Indian people for adopting sports as a career?

A: Over the past decade, particularly since 2018, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has undertaken numerous initiatives. These initiatives emphasize advancing sports, enhancing performance, and improving sports training throughout the country.

Due to these initiatives, people from regular families are taking an interest in sports. Moreover, those in urban areas, who once viewed sports as a distant interest, are now increasingly adopting sports in India. This shift is noticeable among parents who traditionally emphasized degrees in science or engineering. India is now witnessing a gradual transformation in this mindset. The evolving landscape suggests a diminishing perception of sports as an exclusive domain, with further changes expected in this direction. These developments indicate that the next five to ten years hold tremendous promise for the growth of sports in India.

National Sports University (NSU), Khuman Lampak Sports Complex, Imphal
National Sports University (NSU), Khuman Lampak Sports Complex, Imphal


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