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Luxury in Each Bite: AWEMA Crafts High Quality Chocolates

AWEMA consistently raises the industry standard in confectionery, guaranteeing unparalleled excellence in crafting top-tier chocolate creations

Since 1965, AWEMA has empowered chocolate brands to grow by providing automated, easy-to-use chocolate machinery. Our innovative solutions enable the creation of the most exciting chocolate specialities with One-Shot quality, offering the flexibility to control and adjust production with just the touch of a button. Today, AWEMA proudly serves over 1,000 customers worldwide with our user-friendly, high-quality chocolate production solutions.

As the inventor of computer-controlled One-Shot Technology, AWEMA revolutionized the chocolate-making process. This technique allows the simultaneous pouring of the filling and shell mass into a mold, accommodating any desired chocolate shapes. Contacting AWEMA is essential for achieving optimal solutions based on specific product ideas, shapes, and ingredients. Our commitment to excellence is why more than 1,000 customers globally rely on AWEMA machinery for their chocolate production.

In an exclusive interview with The Interview World, Sandro Suppa, AWEMA’s Sales Manager, highlighted how the company plays a crucial role in helping chocolate manufacturers customize their products through advanced moulding techniques. Here are the key insights from his interview.

Q: How is AWEMA contributing to advancements and improvements in the chocolate industry?

A: As a chocolate mould manufacturer with 55 years of history, we specialize in the confectionery business. Although we don’t produce machines for chocolate production, we focus exclusively on the final step of chocolate moulding. This involves pouring chocolate into moulds to create various types of pralines, bars, tablets, and more.

Q: What is the global market size of the chocolate machinery industry?

A: The global market stands at a robust US$ 3 billion. Zooming into a specific segment, we’re honing in on the range of US$ 3 to US$ 3.5 billion. Particularly when it comes to crucial processes like moulding, cooling, demoulding, and depositing—integral for achieving top-quality chocolate—the market’s scale hovers around US$ 300-350 million annually.

Q: What has been the response from the Indian market regarding this moulding product?

A: In my view, the Indian market boasts immense potential owing to its vast population. Specifically for our products, positioned at the upper echelon of quality, mass production may not be our focus. We maintain stringent standards, resulting in limited quantities. However, this trajectory is set to change significantly in the coming year. While mass production thrives, we occupy a top-tier niche, albeit in its nascent stage.

Q: Considering your product offerings, what is your perspective on the opportunities and challenges in the Indian market?

A: We’re currently at the initial phase of expansion. As previously mentioned, while mass production is already established in India, our focus lies on specialized products at the entry level. However, the potential for significant growth in the future is undeniable.

Contrastingly, in Europe, countries like Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, and France boast a chocolate-making tradition spanning over a century. This presents a distinct market landscape compared to India, where the chocolate culture may not be as deeply rooted as it is in Europe or the US.

Q: How does the competitive landscape of chocolate brands in Europe differ from that in India?

A: I view this situation optimistically. When a country’s GDP increases, there is a corresponding rise in demand for luxury products. Chocolate unequivocally falls into the category of luxury goods. Moreover, in European nations, there exists a heightened demand for assorted chocolates.

Q: What thoughts or emotions come to mind when you think about chocolate?

A: For me, chocolate is more than just a treat—it’s a luxury product that holds a special place in my life. It’s the essential of life, offering comfort and indulgence in every bite. I have a preference for high-quality chocolate because it provides a richer, more satisfying experience. The sweetness and richness of premium chocolate make it truly enjoyable for me. I avoid mainstream chocolate, as it doesn’t offer the same level of satisfaction and pleasure that a well-crafted, high-quality chocolate does.

High Quality Chocolates Crafted by the Moulding Panels of AWEMA
High Quality Chocolates Crafted by the Moulding Panels of AWEMA



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