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Interior Design Can Bring A Paradigm Shift In Architecture

The collaborative potential of architecture and interior design can infuse practicality and aesthetics flawlessly, raising the bar for modern design innovation

Parag Anand, MD of I4U Engineering Services, stands as a pioneering entrepreneur set to revolutionize the landscape of architecture and interior design in India. In today’s world, where aesthetics often overshadows the core principles of design, I4U has instigated a significant shift in the contemporary realm of architecture, interior design, and commercial & residential development. An advocate for constantly redefining trends, Parag Anand employs cutting-edge technology to elevate client experiences, earning recognition across various sectors.

With a focused approach on four core verticals—hospitality, retail, commercial, and residential—I4U is primed to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions for projects, ensuring excellence in terms of cost, quality, and timeliness, thus surpassing client expectations.

In an exclusive dialogue with The Interview World, Parag Anand elaborates on his triumphs in architecture and interior design, discusses ongoing projects, and articulates his long-term vision. Here are the key insights gleaned from his interview.

Q: How did you manage to achieve such remarkable success in architecture and design within such a short timeframe?

A: Designing is an intrinsic part of my professional identity as an engineer. My fervent enthusiasm for creativity, architecture, aesthetics, sustainability, personalization, adaptability, technological innovation, and envisioning modern ambiance fuels my entrepreneurial endeavors in this field. These passions serve as catalysts, propelling me to explore innovative solutions and venture into new territories. With each project, I am driven by a commitment to excellence and a vision for shaping the future of design and engineering.

Q: How do architecture and interior design collaborate to enhance functionality and aesthetics in built environments?

A: In the execution of a project, the roles of interior architect and interior designer intertwine at various junctures, each contributing distinct expertise. Interior architects specialize in structural renovations, overseeing the entire interior space’s conceptualization and design. Their involvement extends to a technical level, collaborating closely with builders, contractors, and technicians to ensure seamless implementation. This collaborative effort streamlines the renovation process of existing structures, maximizing efficiency and functionality.

On the other hand, interior designers primarily focus on aesthetics, utilizing their expertise in architecture and spatial planning to create visually captivating designs. They harmonize elements within residential and commercial interiors, tailoring solutions to fit the existing built environment. While traditionally centered on aesthetics, the interior design profession has transformed, with designers increasingly incorporating technical considerations into their designs. This evolution reflects a broader trend towards a holistic approach to interior design, where both aesthetic and technical aspects converge to create spaces that are not only visually appealing but also structurally sound and functionally efficient.

Q: How can you elaborate on the key projects currently underway?

A: We’ve completed numerous projects in Delhi-NCR. Among them is Locale, a vibrant “Bar & Grill” located in Saket, boasting ample seating, a lively atmosphere with DJ sets, live music, and events, complemented by a semi-open upper floor. Additionally, we’ve crafted Brew Lab, a distinctive dinner and beer café situated in Gurugram. Another notable endeavor in the realm of hospitality is Effingut, a dynamic brewery & kitchen nestled within the Word Trade Centre in Kharadi, Pune.

Currently, our focus lies on developing corporate interiors, specialized display centers, and museum exhibits across a diverse spectrum of commercial infrastructure. Notably, our portfolio includes the prestigious Cheil Worldwide India & SE Asia HQ, the sleek Samsung Corporate Offices, as well as the Sales Regional Office and Service Centre for Samsung India in Ahmedabad. Moreover, we’ve designed the corporate headquarters for Apra Auto, showcasing our expertise and commitment to excellence in every project we undertake.

Q: What strategies are you implementing to expand your business?

A: Having executed numerous projects, we’ve noted rapid growth in India’s interior designing market. Estimates suggest it ranges between $20 billion and $30 billion for home interiors and renovations. Recognizing the vast opportunities, we’re strategically expanding to Tier-2/3 cities like Dhanbad. Presently, we’re actively involved in projects like the DY Patil International School in Dhanbad and a residential bungalow in Rajgir, Bihar. Our involvement encompasses overseeing civil, structural MEP, and landscaping aspects.

DY Patil International School at Dhanbad – A Manifestation of Modern Architecture and Interior Design, Crafted by I4U Engineering Services
DY Patil International School at Dhanbad – A Manifestation of Modern Architecture and Interior Design, Crafted by I4U Engineering Services



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