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Intello’s Cutting-Edge RTUs: The Key to Seamless Power Supply

Regular maintenance and timely servicing play a crucial role in preventing expensive downtime, guaranteeing electrical safety, and maximizing the efficiency of electrical systems. It’s great to observe Kunal Almadi, the CEO of Intello, emphasizing these critical elements during an exclusive conversation with The Interview World, particularly in the context of discussions about solar electrical infrastructure.

Q: Could you please tell us about Intello’s Solar Operations?

A: Intello is a fully Integrated Solar Asset Management Company that offers preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance services for ground-mounted and rooftop solar assets across India. With a PAN-India network, we provide a comprehensive yet user-friendly solution designed to ensure 100% uptime through real-time and intuitive analytics.

Q: What challenges is solar electric generation currently facing?

A: Recent audits have uncovered that up to 35% of rooftop solar systems in India have exposed or faulty wiring, posing a high to severe risk to rooftops and the public. Timely servicing is crucial as it involves tightening panels and structures, ensuring proper cable connections, maintaining insulators, fuses, earthing, dressing of conduits, checking inverter functionality, and continuous monitoring. These measures not only improve energy generation by 20-30% but also extend the system’s lifespan.

Q: How do Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) contribute to reducing electric losses?

A: While RTUs are valuable tools for reducing electric losses, their effectiveness is maximized when integrated into a comprehensive energy management and distribution system. This system includes other technologies like advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), smart grid components, and data analytics. RTUs collect real-time data, including voltage levels, current flows, line temperatures, and equipment status, enabling effective monitoring of the distribution system. They can rapidly detect abnormal conditions or faults, such as power outages or short circuits, and send immediate alerts to the central control center, allowing utilities to respond promptly and efficiently. Additionally, RTUs store historical data, which is invaluable for planning and optimizing the distribution system, identifying areas for improvement, and making informed decisions. Ensuring the security of the distribution system is paramount, and RTUs play a crucial role in protecting against cyber threats through security measures such as encryption, authentication, and access control.

Q: How is your system integrated with mobile phones?

A: Intello offers a user-friendly phone application available on both iOS and Android platforms, designed to provide real-time updates on solar site performance while on the go. This application is ideal for all solar customers and EPCs with distributed rooftop portfolios. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive experience empower end users to effortlessly grasp their site’s performance and streamline the process for EPCs and developers when it comes to validating site performance.


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