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Indus Net Technologies – Transforming Predictive Analytics

Indus Net Technologies (INT.) is a distinguished company in the realm of full-stack software engineering solutions, boasting a rich legacy of 26 years. With an extensive clientele exceeding 500 in over 45 countries, including India, UK, USA, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, UAE, and Saudi Arabia, INT. has successfully executed more than 11,000 projects. Today, marking a significant milestone in its journey, INT. is synonymous with innovation, trust, and sustainability.

Covering a diverse array of industry verticals such as Hospitality, FMCG, Lifestyle, Banking, Life Sciences, Real Estate, Building Materials, EduTech, Food & Beverage, and Travel & Tourism, INT. operates at the intersection of AI, advanced analytics, technology, web 3.0, CX, and marketing within the digital landscape.

In an exclusive interview with The Interview World, Aritra Chatterjee, Consulting Business Partner at INT., sheds light on how the company is at the forefront of providing cutting-edge analytics solutions through the strategic utilization of emerging technologies. Here are the key insights gleaned from the interview.

Q: What analytics solutions does your company provide specifically tailored for key verticals such as healthcare and life sciences?

A: Our company operates in four data-rich verticals: banking, insurance, hospitality, and life sciences. Our core strength lies in our workforce, totalling around a thousand individuals, with 125 dedicated to the data science division within the analytics and dashboarding section.

Within the analytics and dashboarding section, we delve into various segments, such as analytics on business insight, which we refer to as first insights. Our services revolve around Tableau and Power BI. In our client interactions, we not only offer data consultancy services but also grasp their existing data culture, data management practices, and the informed decisions they seek from their data.

To instill a culture of data governance, we guide organizations in creating a data lake and extend assistance in analytics services. This involves developing a Power BI-based dashboard system, understanding key performance indicators (KPIs), and crafting diverse charts and dashboards for different stakeholders.

Moving into predictive analysis, we tailor our approach based on specific touchpoints aligned with the client’s requirements. For instance, a sales forecasting model is one avenue of predictive analysis grounded in data. Additionally, predictive analysis extends to customer sentiment analysis, where we analyze and interpret customer reviews to glean valuable feedback.

Within our analytics services, we offer four distinct verticals. Predictive analysis encompasses self-focusing models, inventory optimization models, and various prediction models. Furthermore, we provide computer vision-based services and large language model-based services as part of our analytics offerings.

Q: What are some notable success stories or achievements related to the analytics solutions you have delivered?

A: Over the past six to seven years, our focus has centered on the life sciences, banking, and retail verticals. Notably, our solutions have become integral to the operations of leading pharmaceutical companies. Let me cite the story of Biocon, a leading pharmaceutical company. In Biocon’s case, they sought a partner capable of assisting in the development of an enterprise-level dashboard.

With their data already organized, Biocon aimed to create a dashboard specifically tailored to their sales forecasting model. Various databases were in place to accommodate the diverse needs of different stakeholders. To establish seamless connectivity, we implemented a data lake directly linked to systems like SAP and Salesforce. Subsequently, we engineered an enterprise-level dashboard system accessible to all stakeholders, including the CEO, CIO, and top management.

This initiative conceptualized and created a comprehensive 360-degree dashboard, facilitating a holistic analysis of organizational performance. The result empowers data-driven decision-making, emphasizing insights from both product and customer standpoints.

Each stakeholder now possesses a role-specific dashboard, aligning with their distinct responsibilities within the organization. This approach ensures that everyone utilizes the bespoke solutions we delivered to execute their tasks efficiently.

Q: What is your current revenue, and what is your strategic vision for its growth over the next five years?

A: Currently, our total revenue stands at approximately Rs. 110 crores, with 20% to 30% attributed to data science. We aspire to increase this contribution to 30% to 40% due to our sustained growth in this domain. The average annual growth rate we’re experiencing is between 15% to 20%. When we reach the Rs. 150 crores mark, our aim is for the data science division to account for 30% to 40% of our overall revenue. This expansion is driving our team growth; currently, we have 125 individuals working in data science, and our target is to surpass 200 team members within the next financial year.

In the broader landscape, many organizations are recognizing the significance of integrating data science into their operations. However, there remains a need for further education in leveraging data effectively. While some companies grasp the importance, others, surprisingly, are not fully utilizing data science. Even large enterprises with substantial revenues, such as Rs. 10,000 crores, are still reliant on basic tools like Excel. Astonishingly, they employ 10-15 individuals for manual intervention. Our primary objective is to optimize these processes and provide them with a tangible Return on Investment (ROI).

Q: How is your organization harnessing the potential of emerging technologies like AI, ML, and Blockchain to drive innovation?

A: In various industries, we tailor our models to suit specific needs. Internally, we’ve developed over 150 AI models that can seamlessly integrate into diverse business processes, be it inventory management, sales optimization, or HR operations.

These models are readily available for implementation. Moreover, our commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies is evident through our dedicated lab divisions. This innovation extends to our blockchain division, where we proudly partner with Hedera and Polygon. Functioning as a key player in the blockchain space, we extend our services to prominent pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, we are actively supporting South African businesses by facilitating digital lending and crypto lending services through blockchain technology. Our diverse expertise positions us as a valuable partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge solutions.

Leading Clientele of Indus Net Technologies
Leading Clientele of Indus Net Technologies

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