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GREENTECH: Leveraging Biomimicry for Ingenious Products

GREENTECH pioneers the forefront of plant biotechnology, innovating cutting-edge ingredients that revolutionize cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals globally

Established in 1992, GREENTECH has long been a trailblazer in plant biotechnology, crafting high-tech ingredients for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical sectors. These remarkable ingredients are derived from the profound mechanisms of plants, algae, micro-algae, and micro-organisms sourced from the farthest corners of the globe.

Among GREENTECH’s groundbreaking innovations are the pioneering flower acids, breast-firming products, anti-hair regrowth formulations, DNA protectors, and cell cycle regulators. Boasting a repertoire of over 100 active ingredients and 3,000 extracts, GREENTECH’s portfolio addresses every conceivable skin need, regardless of function or age.

In its production processes, GREENTECH steadfastly adheres to the principles of green chemistry. Guided by a dynamic Environmental Management System (EMS), the company meticulously limits harmful substances, optimizes recycling, reduces waste, prevents pollution, and curtails consumption.

In an exclusive interaction with The Interview World, Rahul Choudhary, Director of Greentech Biotechnologies India Pvt. Ltd., illuminates the company’s core offerings, innovative formulation methodologies, and cutting-edge technologies while also delving into the Indian market’s response to their pioneering products.

Q: What are GREENTECH’s main activities and how does your company stand out from competitors?

A: GREENTECH, a French multinational, commenced operations three decades ago and debuted in the Indian market three and a half years ago. What distinguishes GREENTECH is its unyielding commitment to substantiated efficacy. Each product claim undergoes meticulous validation through comprehensive in vitro and in vivo testing before market launch. This rigorous approach also ensures that every attribute we assert is firmly grounded in scientific performance and robust research.

At the confluence of diverse scientific domains, GREENTECH remains in perpetual motion, seamlessly transitioning from the heart of botanical research to the essence of dermatological application. Employing avant-garde technologies, the company synthesizes ingredients that emulate nature’s intricate processes, applying them to skin mechanisms with unparalleled precision. The outcomes are manifest, with skin exuding a newfound radiance and beauty.

GREENTECH excels in unearthing potent molecules in nature. We meticulously transform them into efficacious active ingredients that target physiological mechanisms with pinpoint accuracy. Moreover, the performance of these ingredients is rigorously validated through biochemical, cellular (in vitro), and in vivo tests, substantiating their claims of enhanced beauty and well-being.

Furthermore, our dedication extends to delivering solutions that harness expertise in plant, marine, and biotechnology domains, ensuring high-performance outcomes. Whether formulating innovations or introducing new products, GREENTECH prioritizes efficacy and reliability. This ethos underscores our mission to provide pioneering solutions that not only meet but surpass industry benchmarks, empowering our clientele with products they can unequivocally rely on.

Q: Could you please tell me the total number of products you have developed so far?

A: Our extensive assortment features more than 2,000 carefully selected products, including skincare, haircare, body care, and oral care items. Serving pivotal roles in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and biotechnology, our range also addresses a wide array of human needs and industry requirements. Each product is meticulously curated to ensure comprehensive coverage. This reflects our commitment to excellence across diverse sectors, from personal care to advanced biotechnological applications.

Q: What innovative methods and technologies are you currently implementing in your product development process?

A: We specialize in biomimicry, exploring microbiota dynamics and cross-fertilization across plant-derived, marine, and biotechnological domains. Our integrated approach pioneers diverse, nature-inspired innovations, harnessing biological principles to drive sustainable advancements in technology and industry.

Q: What is your vision for the future of your Indian unit over the next five to ten years?

A: The burgeoning market demands our foremost attention: educating consumers is paramount. Often swayed by marketing stratagems, our task is to enlighten them about what truly serves their interests.

Through robust education, consumers acquire discernment. They begin to scrutinize product claims and assess the veracity of marketers, thereby gaining the confidence to make enlightened choices.

Beyond superficial marketing, our focus rests on delivering substantive outcomes. Claims must be substantiated with concrete evidence. Safety stands as a non-negotiable parameter, ensuring consumer well-being. Equally imperative is sustainability, ensuring products uphold environmental stewardship over time.

By fostering this informed approach, consumers not only bolster their purchasing prowess but also drive a transformative shift in market dynamics. Ultimately, our efforts empower consumers to demand transparency, reliability, and sustainability in the products they endorse and patronize.

Q: How has the market in India responded to your products?

A: The market response is resoundingly positive, notwithstanding initial challenges fueled by skepticism surrounding the efficacy of natural products. Detractors deemed them ineffective. Yet, through proactive engagement and the provision of samples for trials, we substantiated our claims with irrefutable results and robust study data. As stakeholders engaged in trials and scrutinized compelling data, their confidence burgeoned. This burgeoning trust served as the impetus to launch our products into the market. The subsequent phenomenal success attests not only to dispelling doubts but also to setting a benchmark in the industry.

Q: Can you provide the forecasted market size for these products in the Indian market?

A: At present, clarity eludes us, given our exclusive focus on the B2B segment. Nevertheless, seizing a substantial stake in the 4,000 to 5,000 crore market range appears eminently attainable. Harnessing our B2B strengths, we aspire to assertively penetrate this lucrative domain.

GREENTECH – A Pioneer in Formulating Green Chemistry for Humanity
GREENTECH – A Pioneer in Formulating Green Chemistry for Humanity

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