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Green & Grand: Yugen Infra Brings Sustainable Luxury to Goa

Yugen Infra is poised to shape the future of upscale living in India’s most sought-after destination Goa, embodying a commitment to sustainability, eco-friendly practices, and luxurious amenities

Yugen Infra, a burgeoning force in India’s dynamic real estate arena, aims to captivate the market with its unique fusion of luxury and accessibility. Formed through a strategic alliance between Timespro Consulting LLP and V K Developers Pvt Ltd, Yugen Infra harnesses the profound industry understanding of its parent entities. Timespro, a stalwart in real estate brokerage for over a decade, joins forces with V K Developers, boasting a formidable 25-year legacy in construction prowess.

At the heart of Yugen Infra’s vision lies a grand residential endeavor strategically nestled near the New Goa International Airport (MOPA). Securing 300 acres of prime land in this burgeoning locale positions Yugen Infra to commence development by January 2024. The founding members of Yugen Infra bring a wealth of market insight, having collaborated on prestigious projects with industry giants such as M3M, Elan, Smart World, SV Housing, DLF, Emaar, Signature Global, Adani, Birla Estate, Godrej Properties, and others.

Beyond its ambitious scope, Yugen Infra champions sustainability and eco-friendly practices. The company pledges to craft properties that not only meet the pinnacle of luxury and comfort but also champion environmental stewardship for the benefit of current and future generations of homeowners.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation, Yugen Infra stands poised to leave an indelible mark on India’s real estate canvas. Promising luxurious living spaces harmonizing with nature and catering to the discerning needs of customers, Yugen Infra sets a new benchmark in the industry.

In an exclusive conversation with The Interview World, Rajeev Pathak, AVP (Sales) at Yugen Infra, elucidates on the upcoming residential venture near the New Goa International Airport (MOPA). He illuminates the rationale behind Yugen Infra’s strategic focus on Goa. Here are the key insights from his interview.

Q: Why have you chosen Goa as your next destination for residential infrastructural development?

A: Investing in Goan real estate promises robust double-digit returns, buoyed by its status as a premier global tourist destination. Goa beckons as an idyllic retreat from the urban bustle, boasting year-round delightful weather. Monsoons drape the state in verdant splendor, enhancing its allure during the cooler, bustling tourist seasons. Beyond its sun-kissed beaches, Goa tantalizes with a cosmopolitan culinary tapestry. Cafes, eclectic eateries, quaint pubs, luxurious resorts, and pulsating nightspots add to its vibrant mosaic. Historical edifices, cultural marvels, and dynamic events enrich the visitor’s journey. A second home in Goa ensures swift access to this enchanting haven, offering respite and rejuvenation in India’s magical embrace.

Q: Could you share the details about the upcoming project in Goa?

A: Yugen Infra has embarked upon its maiden venture in North Goa, currently procuring 300 acres for development. This inaugural endeavor heralds a 5-star gated township, strategically situated a mere 15 minutes from Manohar International Airport, Mopa, Goa, ensuring seamless access to Central Goa within just 30 minutes.

Moreover, Yugen Infra is aggressively acquiring prime parcels across Goa for the creation of opulent residential projects, including the state’s pioneering Golf Course township. Additionally, plans are in motion for an imminent 5-star Resort, strategically positioned close to upcoming onshore casinos, an IT Park, and Film City.

Q: What amenities will be included in the Club and Sports zone of your upcoming project?

A: Our expansive array of amenities encompasses five ultra-luxury clubhouses, a bell desk, and concierge services, complemented by a chef on call. Business centres and meeting rooms provide an impeccably professional environment. Revel in the elegance of our deck space, immerse yourself in our mini theatre, or unwind in the steam and sauna room. The library and reading room offer serene retreats, while our party halls and sports bars set the stage for vibrant gatherings.

Indulge in the grandeur of our outdoor swimming pool or elevate your fitness regime in our state-of-the-art gymnasiums. Relax on shaded benches and in charming gazebos. Engage in spirited activity on our tennis, squash, and badminton courts, cricket pitches, and football facilities. Our table tennis room, jogging tracks, nature trail, and cycling tracks cater to diverse athletic pursuits.

Discover the exhilaration of our segway ride parks, skating and rollerblading rink, and horse riding and dressage centre. Children will delight in the dedicated kids’ play area, sand pit, and mud bunker. Stimulate your intellect in the chess and board games room, where strategic engagement awaits.

Q: What are the potential benefits and unique selling points of this project that would make it an attractive investment for a buyer?

A: Numerous compelling factors make this project an irresistible investment for discerning buyers. Firstly, its strategic proximity to the Mumbai-Goa Expressway, NH 66, is unparalleled. Encompassing an expansive 500 acres, it stands as one of the most prodigious developments in North Goa. Moreover, we proffer an opulent golf-style living experience, replete with world-class specifications. Additionally, its vicinity to MOPA and the forthcoming casino and entertainment zone augments its allure. Our development boasts a multi-tier security system and an array of sports amenities. The properties are equipped with sophisticated home automation systems, featuring mood lighting, automated curtains, and biosensing doors. Each villa is endowed with a private swimming pool, complemented by outdoor pools and a dedicated kids’ swimming pool.

Yugen Infra – A Commitment to Ultra Luxury Residential Projects in Goa
Yugen Infra – A Commitment to Ultra Luxury Residential Projects in Goa


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