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Pulastya Sachin started superbike racing around eight years ago. His first bike was Triumph Bonneville and BMW GS is his fifth bike. He has covered Ladakh four times and Spiti Valley three times. He has covered many passes like Khardungla of altitude 17,580 ft.; Warila, 17,427 ft.; Baralachla; 15,910 ft.; Taglangla, 17,480 ft.; Sach, 14,482 ft.; Changla, 17,590 ft.; Kunzum (gateway to Spiti), 15,059 ft.; Rohtang, 13,054 ft.; Komic, the village located at the highest altitude in the world; and Hikkim, the highest post office in the world. His passion for unexplored places to track has lifted his spirit to race on many state tracks. Recently, he did a solo, visited seven states, including Odisha, Chhattisgarh & Madhya Pradesh, and covered around 5,600 km in just 12 days. Till date, he has covered 80 to 85 thousand kilometres. Here is a candid interview with T.I.W.

#1. What did trigger you to build up passion for biking?

I was intrigued by the passion for freedom and speed, which #biking gives in abundance. Biking drives you crazy and rushes your adrenalin volume to the optimum when you are on a long drive and the road is free of traffic, bumps, and any other obstacles. The whizzes of air, panoramic view of the terrains, and the rhythmic vrooms of engines lift your spirit and make you feel on cloud nine. If you want to capture the enthralling memories in your life, nothing could be more exciting than having a passion for biking.

#2. What are the challenges in biking compared to other adventurous sports?

In India, the traffic is a big challenge and the behaviour of pedestrians on the road is unpredictable. They normally think that they are free birds in the sky and hardly follow the traffic rules. Moreover, we must follow the traffic rules. Sometimes, rallies and VIP cavalcades add more woes.

#3. Are there any clubs or associations in biking in India? If so, how are they different from foreign counterparts?

There are many biking clubs in every major city. They are not very different from the foreign associations and clubs because the fundamentals are almost same in this sport.

#4. What social message does biking provide?

Biking provides several social messages including responsibility, camaraderie, behaviour on road, teamwork, collaboration, resilience, and a sense of control despite the high spirit of the vocation.

#5. What are the key tracks for biking in India?

Along with the Buddh International Circuit in Uttar Pradesh, the two most widely used racetracks are the Madras Motor Racetrack in Chennai and the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore are the major tracks that allow talented racers to hone their skills and prove their mettle against the best in the country.

#6. How diverse is your biking group and what are the demographics variants, if any?

Biking groups have people as young as 18 and as old as 60-plus, which demonstrates that age does not factor into having a passion for biking. What’s required is just an undiluted spirit for adventurism.

#7. Any special skill or traits required for this adventurous sport?

Endurance and a bit of madness are the key ingredients of this adventurous sport. If you cannot sustain the odds during a mission, it’s very unlikely that you can be a successful biker.


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