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Chutney Chachi: Crafting Culinary Delights for Communities

Anindita Sanger, an industrial psychologist with a diploma in child psychology, established Chutney Chachi, a culinary venture, in 2018 in Mumbai. She recently relocated to Bengaluru, expanding her culinary venture. Her journey from a passionate cook to a budding entrepreneur aligns with the ethos of Atmanirbhar Bharat. In an exclusive interaction with The Interview World, Anindita shares insights into her culinary entrepreneurial voyage.

Q: How did you arrive at branding your venture as Chutney Chachi?

A: I attribute the catchy and perky name to my husband, emphasizing its resonance with Indian households. In India, chutney-making traditionally falls under the purview of elder women in the family, making “Chutney Chachi” culturally fitting. Additionally, the mouth-watering nature of chutneys ensures easy recall for culinary enthusiasts.

Q: What’s the USP of your products?

A: Chutney Chachi distinguishes itself through its organic, pesticide-free, additive-free, and synthetic color-free culinary offerings. Moreover, the products are entirely vegan, crafted in a hygienic environment. In addition, the authentic taste has garnered repeat orders. With a six-month shelf life, the ready-to-cook recipes also cater to the time constraints of working women. FSSAI certification too ensures compliance with mandatory quality control standards.

Q: What’s your expansion plan?

A: Chutney Chachi has forged partnerships with five FreshBox stores in Bengaluru and is also in advanced talks with Herbivo. Discussions are underway with national-level courier companies for logistics support. Currently delivering to Tier-2/3 cities, the venture aims to establish a dealer distribution channel in the upcoming financial year. Moreover, we are exploring partnerships with retail stores in metros.

Q: How does your venture impact societal causes?

A: Chutney Chachi is intricately woven into the social fabric of India. We mostly source raw materials directly from farmers and employ women for product preparation. Our venture ensures direct benefits to deserving individuals, bypassing middlemen. This vision prioritizes farmers and women, traditionally marginalized and underpaid, providing them a fair share for their efforts.

Q: What’s your message for the youth?
A: Youth should embrace entrepreneurship by leveraging the current era of rising technology adoption. Furthermore, they should view themselves equally as job creators rather than seekers. I would also urge them to leverage technology for innovative product and service creation. The time is opportune for the youth to build wealth for themselves and, further, contribute to the nation’s prosperity through entrepreneurship. Finally, the youth can bring transformational changes in the country through entrepreneurship.

Chutney Chachi

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