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Executive Coaching: Transforming Good to Great and Beyond

Dr. Bharat Nain epitomizes excellence in corporate leadership, human resources management, executing coaching, POSH advisory, and arbitration boasting over four decades of unparalleled experience in the industry. With a distinguished career spanning 40+ years, Dr. Nain has honed his expertise in Executive Search, HR consulting, and Executive Coaching, amassing a remarkable 26 years dedicated to these domains. As the Founder-Director of United Resource Consultants Pvt Ltd, he has pioneered innovative strategies to drive organizational growth and optimize human capital potential.

Beyond his role as a corporate luminary, Dr. Nain is a revered authority in fostering safe and inclusive workplaces. Serving as a trusted POSH Advisor-Consultant-Trainer for organizations, he is dedicated to promoting a culture of respect, equality, and diversity within the corporate sphere.

Dr. Nain’s commitment to excellence extends to the realm of dispute resolution, where he has established himself as a proficient Arbitrator. Armed with a Fellowship in International Arbitration from SIArb Singapore and Membership from CIArb London, his arbitration acumen is unparalleled. Moreover, he is the co-author of ‘FAQs on Arbitration in India,’ a seminal work that stands as a testament to his deep understanding of the subject.

With a rich background in global business across Europe, Africa, and North America, Dr. Nain possesses a nuanced understanding of corporate cultures worldwide. His academic pursuits, including a Ph.D. in arbitration, underscore his dedication to advancing organizational dynamics and fostering environments conducive to success.

Dr. Nain’s multifaceted career journey—from his early days as a global business contract professional to his tenure in General Management consulting and Executive Search—has uniquely positioned him as a thought leader in arbitration. His academic credentials, including a Ph.D., MBA, and BE (Mechanical Engineering), further attest to his comprehensive grasp of diverse business disciplines.

Dr. Bharat Nain recently spoke exclusively with The Interview World, emphasizing the importance of legal coaching, highlighting the benefits of corporate coaching, and emphasizing the significance of arbitration professionals in India. Here are the key takeaways from his interview.

Q: What are the reasons for the necessity of legal coaching, and what advantages does it offer?

A: In the realm of leadership, numerous opportunities beckon, yet as one climbs the ladder, the pathway to the summit becomes increasingly slender. To evolve and excel as a leader, the indispensable aid and counsel of an executive coach are imperative. Amidst a vast pool of a hundred legal professionals, merely a select few ascend to the esteemed CEO echelon. As executive coaches, we undertake the vital task of cultivating the potential of emerging leaders, steering them from proficiency to mastery, and from mastery to an expedited trajectory of success. Such is the essence of our commitment—to facilitate the journey from good to great and beyond.

Q: What specific outcomes or vision do you aspire to achieve within the corporate coaching segment?

A: The foundation of success rests upon the unique blend of an individual’s personality, strengths, willingness to exert effort, and take initiative. These elements collectively shape one’s journey towards leadership. However, organizational support, especially through effective management practices, is equally pivotal in cultivating talent. Management’s role extends to identifying potential leaders and offering opportunities for their development.

In my experience, I’ve been sought out by large corporations to coach professionals at various levels, including CEOs. As a coach, my role transcends mere guidance; I serve as a trusted ally, dedicated to fostering leadership growth without seeking personal acclaim. This symbiotic relationship between coach and individual is a cornerstone across diverse industries and career paths, emphasizing the universality of effective leadership development strategies.

Q: What are the reasons behind the necessity for legal practitioners to undergo specialized coaching?

A: Due to the limited space and leadership opportunities at the summit, it resembles a pyramid structure. At the base of this pyramid, there exists a substantial population. For instance, in India, there are projected to be 1.2 million lawyers. However, the number dwindles significantly higher up the pyramid, with only 350 general counsels. To ascend to such a position, aspiring individuals must navigate through a smaller pool, represented by 2800 advocates on record. In essence, out of the vast 1.2 million, aspiring individuals aiming for the apex must develop their leadership skills. This is precisely the support and guidance we offer.

Q: What types of programs are you currently running, and what is the typical duration of each program?

A: Secretary coaching is an intimately personalized experience, characterized by one-on-one sessions lasting 60 to 75 minutes each, spread over a span of six to eight months. Within this timeframe, typically eight to ten sessions are conducted. The overarching objective is to meticulously groom the leader, fostering growth and development to propel them to a markedly elevated professional echelon. This tailored approach ensures focused attention and customized strategies, optimizing the leader’s potential for success in their role.

Q: What level of technical assistance do you offer to individuals within your coaching program?

A: An executive coach needn’t specialize in technical fields; they can benefit from technical knowledge. Their expertise directly influences career growth. I bring a diverse array of technical skills: mechanical engineering, marketing, an MBA, a PhD in management sciences, and a fellowship in arbitration. Despite this breadth, as an executive coach, I rise above specific domains to guide you to greater leadership heights. The quality of arbitration is crucial in this regard, underscoring the importance of adept arbitration skills. Thus, as a coach, I prioritize holistic development, leveraging varied expertise to foster your professional journey with tailored guidance and strategic insight.

Q: What is the current status of arbitration professionals in India?

A: Despite the clear intent and desire for utilizing arbitration, practical implementation faces significant challenges due to pervasive court interference. Furthermore, there persists a notable lack of awareness regarding arbitration among users, particularly within the legal fraternity. When confronted with corporate matters and contract disputes, individuals often defer to legal counsel for guidance on whether to pursue arbitration or litigation.

As an arbitrator stemming from a corporate background, my primary mission is to bridge this knowledge gap. I endeavor to educate users, especially those within the corporate sphere, about the advantages of arbitration as a dispute-resolution mechanism. It is not merely an alternative but a preferable option for resolving conflicts efficiently and effectively. Through targeted education and advocacy efforts, I aim to empower users to confidently choose arbitration over litigation, thereby promoting smoother dispute resolution processes and fostering a culture of proactive conflict management within the corporate realm.

Executive Coach – The Trusted Ally for Effective Leadership Development
Executive Coach – The Trusted Ally for Effective Leadership Development


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