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Emerging Tech Will Bring in a Paradigm Shift In Automation

Emerging technologies don't just boost automation; they supercharge efficiency and productivity

Anil Krishnan, CEO of Kirti Corporation, has spearheaded automation for various industries since the company’s inception in 2001 in Varanasi. The company’s core philosophy revolves around delivering cutting-edge software solutions, intelligent technical services, and comprehensive consultancy to both businesses and governmental bodies. With a focus on facilitating seamless and secure access to a plethora of heterogeneous information resources and services, Kirti Corporation has rapidly ascended to become a prominent automation player in Tier-II/III cities. Over two decades, the company has remained steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, cementing its reputation as an industry automation leader.

Under Anil’s astute leadership, the company harnesses local talent and resources, capitalizing on the diverse skill sets and ingenuity present in these regions. Anil staunchly believes that the key to organizational sustainability lies in prioritizing and enhancing customer experiences.

In a recent discussion with The Interview World, Anil Krishnan sheds light on Kirti Corporation’s unwavering commitment to delivering vertical-centric technology solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of various industries.

Q: How does Kirti Corporation strategically select its target verticals and what factors drive its decision-making process in catering to them?

A: Our company is dedicated to delivering advanced technology solutions across various sectors, including Government (State & Centre), Telecommunication, Healthcare, and Education. These industries play a fundamental role in shaping a nation’s progress and competitiveness. By focusing on these core verticals, we aim to contribute significantly to societal advancement and innovation. Our commitment lies in harnessing technology to empower governments, enhance communication networks, improve healthcare services, and revolutionize educational systems.

Q: How are you addressing the needs of the Education sector through your solutions?

A: We’ve designed a robust School Management System (SMS) to revolutionize school operations. Our SMS offers seamless digitization, including attendance management for students and teachers, comprehensive fee management, and efficient transport tracking. Schools can now optimize their administrative processes, ensuring smooth operations and enhancing overall productivity. With our system, they can focus more on providing quality education.

A: Can you provide data on the number of schools currently utilizing your SMS platform?

A: Our SMS platform is actively deployed by more than 35 schools spanning seven states. Among these institutions are prominent names such as St. Joseph’s Convent School, St. Mary’s School, and St. Thomas School, along with their affiliated branches nationwide, all harnessing the power of our platform.

Q: How do you address the challenges facing the Healthcare sector and implement sustainable solutions?

A: Our cutting-edge Hospital Management Information System is meticulously designed to streamline the entire patient journey within a hospital. From initial admission to discharge, it efficiently manages treatment history, diagnostic records, financial transactions, and insurance claims. By implementing our solution, hospitals significantly reduce manual tasks and administrative burdens. Our unified clearance system simplifies processes, ensuring smoother operations and enabling healthcare professionals to focus more on delivering high-quality care to patients.

Q: How does your solution differentiate itself from others in the market?

A: Our sectoral solutions encompass a holistic approach, diligently tackling every challenge within a sector while prioritizing user-friendly design. We also place a significant emphasis on localization to optimize usability and extend our reach effectively. Currently, our solutions are localized in English, Tamil, and Malayalam, catering to diverse linguistic preferences. Moreover, we are strategically planning a comprehensive localization initiative to ensure accessibility and inclusivity across all regions of the country. By broadening our linguistic and cultural adaptability, we aim to engage with a wider audience and enhance the impact of our IT solutions nationwide.

Q: How do you develop an effective and efficient solution tailored specifically to the Government sector’s needs?

A: Our Civil Management Information System (CMIS) provides a robust solution for tackling various challenges encountered in township maintenance, encompassing tasks like managing power, water, drainage, and civil works. CMIS diligently monitors all ongoing projects and promptly notifies stakeholders in the event of any deviations from predetermined service level agreements (SLAs). Furthermore, we have tailored and implemented bespoke IT solutions for Banaras Locomotive Works, equipping them with the tools necessary to streamline and optimize their operational processes effectively.

Q: What is the significance of emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, Robotics, AR & VR, and 3D Printing in shaping the trajectory of the Industrial Revolution?

A: At the threshold of the Industry 4.0 era, rapid technological advancements usher in transformative changes in adoption. Within the manufacturing sector, automation of functions is evident. Here, the widespread integration of emerging technologies not only amplifies automation but also augments efficiency and productivity. Enhanced traceability and fortified resilience become achievable goals, bolstering competitive edges.

Moreover, as these emerging technologies permeate industries, they serve as catalysts for skill development among the tech talent pool. This dynamic landscape fosters a competitive environment where staying ahead requires continual adaptation and innovation. In embracing these changes, organizations position themselves to thrive amidst evolving market dynamics, poised to lead in the era of digital transformation and automation.

School Management System – Seamless Automation of Educational Administrative Processes
School Management System – Seamless Automation of Educational Administrative Processes


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