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Certification Is Indispensable For Product Safety

Product certification can safeguard consumer interests and drive economic growth

Rajesh Kumar stands as a pivotal figure in India’s corporate landscape, serving as the Founder-Director of Brand Liaison, a cornerstone in the realm of compliance management and certification. Additionally, he pioneers the establishment of the RACAP Foundation, a non-profit organization poised to revolutionize the compliance management landscape. His illustrious career spans over two decades with invaluable expertise in both business management and social services.

Rajesh’s journey towards excellence commenced with academic pursuits, culminating in a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and a PG Diploma in Marketing Management from Delhi. Armed with this formidable academic foundation, he ventured into the realm of brand management consultancy, leaving an indelible mark across diverse sectors such as hospitality, F&B, paints, and sports.

However, Rajesh’s aspirations extend far beyond commercial success; his heart lies in social entrepreneurship. He fervently advocates for the promotion of Indian trade and industry, especially championing the cause of budding entrepreneurs. His vision encompasses devising innovative strategies to bolster exports, thereby catalyzing economic growth and job creation.

Furthermore, Rajesh is deeply committed to addressing the systemic disparities in sports infrastructure, particularly in rural India. Through concerted efforts, he endeavors to democratize access to sporting facilities, nurturing talent and fostering a culture of sportsmanship.

In his recent discourse with The Interview World, Rajesh emphasized the critical significance of product certification in safeguarding consumer interests. He also underscores his unwavering commitment to ensuring safety and quality standards in the market.

Q: How does product certification contribute to ensuring quality, safety, and compliance standards in the market?

A: Certification stands as an essential requirement in industries. Its failure could result in severe consequences, endangering the health and welfare of consumers. This is particularly evident in sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, hazardous materials, electrical equipment, aviation, automotive, telecommunications, and medical devices, where product performance impacts lives directly. Certification plays a pivotal role in upholding the standards of quality, safety, and security. This serves as a crucial safeguard for public health and welfare. It ensures that products meet stringent criteria, mitigating risks and instilling confidence in consumers, thereby reinforcing the integrity of these industries.

Q: How does product certification shape the landscape of manufacturing in India?

A: Industries in India are actively committed to advancing product safety and quality standards for both domestic and global markets. Recognizing the critical importance of this endeavor, they proactively engage in the development and implementation of robust regulatory frameworks. While mandatory compliance measures have their place, the emphasis is increasingly shifting towards voluntary adherence to standards as the most effective means to stimulate sustainable industrial and economic growth.

However, India still grapples with challenges in its conformity assessment framework. Despite the existence of well-established standards for certain key products, there remains a significant gap in their practical enforcement. Moreover, many product categories lack regulation altogether, leading to the influx and sale of goods with uncertain compliance standards. This situation not only undermines consumer safety but also jeopardizes product performance and reliability. Addressing these issues is crucial to safeguarding consumer interests and fostering trust in India’s industrial sector, both domestically and internationally.

Q: How does Brand Liaison contribute to product certification processes?

A: Brand Liaison stands as a highly efficient and cost-effective service provider, dedicated to facilitating Compliance & Approvals within the dynamic Indian market. Our comprehensive support extends to aiding clients in securing a diverse array of certifications and approvals essential for market entry and expansion. This includes but is not limited to BIS Registration, ISI Certification, BEE Registration, EPR Authorization (for e-waste), WPC Approval, TEC Certification, Trademark Registration, and Brand Representation, all crucial components for fostering business growth in India’s vibrant economy.

Holding the esteemed ISO 9001:2015 certification, we uphold the highest standards of quality and reliability in our services. With a steadily growing clientele that boasts over 200 prominent brands worldwide, of which approximately 70% are foreign entities, our reputation for excellence continues to flourish.

Q: How do you envision expanding your operations soon?

A: The RACAP Foundation, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to product certification. Our mission: foster awareness and empower industry stakeholders nationwide in navigating compliance intricacies effectively.

We aspire to enlighten Indian product manufacturers on certification’s pivotal role in ensuring consumer safety. Modern consumers are vigilant, favoring certified products as their primary choice. Beyond consumer welfare, certification bolsters market acceptance and facilitates regulatory approval processes.

By addressing challenges in the product certification realm, the RACAP Foundation aims to spearhead a transformative approach to advocating quality adherence. Through collaborative efforts, we envision a future where certified products not only meet regulatory standards but also inspire consumer trust and confidence, fostering a safer, more transparent marketplace for all.

Certification Can Warrant Quality Standards and Product Safety
Certification Can Warrant Quality Standards and Product Safety


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