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Disruption is Necessary for Growth

Gyan Prakash, AVP, Elnova Pvt. Ltd. shares his journey and vision witT.I.W in a thoughtful narrative. He recounts his experience of transitioning from management to ownership and cites how the journey of life is a continuous process and one should strive to enjoy that journey irrespective of the realities.

#1. How do you see your transformation from a professional to an entrepreneur?

My transformation is nascent; it’s too early to make any decisive comment. From that vantage point, I have been running a small company independently (thanks to promoters) from last 11 years. Most of my professional requirements were that of a businessman, if not as an entrepreneur. Some of the first feelings after entering this field were:

a) No more worries about how to manage current living standards post retirement, one of the disadvantages of reaching 50 as a professional.

b) The second shocker was arranging Rs. 30 to 50 lakhs is difficult; however, arranging Rs. 2 crore is not that difficult.

c) If you are doing decent as CEO, then there is very little to change as MD. Yes, there is scope, but not that much.

d) One should invest in or plunge into entrepreneurship at early age, from college days itself. Don’t worry about what you are doing and how much you are earning. What you are learning in the process is more valuable than the job that you will get after college degree.

#2. How do you foresee the growth of UPS industry as an insider?

UPS falls in necessity for government and private sector. There is no bypassing this product (Europe and US are some of its biggest markets and most high-end UPS companies are from these two places). So, growth for this segment is quite consistent and will be for a duration so long as an alternative technology is developed, which doesn’t seem likely in near future. Contrary to the popular perception that it as a backup device for desktop, its usage is spread to every industry including automotive, heavy machinery, power plants, hospitals, medical equipment, servers, offices, and what not. Wherever there will be equipment that will require electricity, most likely it will require UPS. As you go higher up the technology value chain, the requirements become more critical. Since the world is moving up the technology value chain, the requirement of UPS is also following the similar trend. Covid and some hiccups keep coming, but those are temporary disturbances.

#3. Where do you see Elnova five years down the line?

The dream is to take it to Rs. 100 crore, disruption is necessary for growth, couple of new segments has to be entered and conquered. The other dream is to maintain, if not increase the present satisfaction level of our current customers. To have similar satisfaction level in our employees five years down the line, the present bar in all these segments is quite high, maintaining it is the real dream.

#4. How do you manage your personal time?

Personal time is divided between family & friends but most importantly on self. Morning first hour (6 AM) is for walks, jogging and running – in decreasing order. Second hour is for games – badminton and table tennis. Evening is with family and some studies. Sunday is party day with playing mates, some Sundays are with school or college friends. Lot of sleeping in afternoon. Evening of every Sunday is flexible!

#5. What’s your passion?

Sports is my prime passion now. Keeping my body fit for as long as possible is second passion.

#6. Which book did inspire you the most and why?

Glimpses of World History by Nehru is one book that has inspired me the most. I first read it in college days and have read it again six months back, the canvas, the simplicity of explanation, the memory of writer, the ability of writer to do a comparative analysis of different eras, starting from early civilization of different continents, then getting deeper into it and explaining the commonness and diversity, the ability to judge the march of time, to take out the events or factors that impacts and why it does so and so many things. It’s hard to write in few sentences.

Recently, I read a book by Noah Harari – Homo Deus. It also does comparative analysis of world civilization but on different platforms.

#7. Any regret, do you have?

Not much. I am of opinion that where you are today can be judged by connecting the dots backwards. Connecting it forward is extremely tough. Life has been extremely kind to me. Even the problems that it gave, and there were quite a few, helped me in moving forward. “Jeevan chalne ka naam, chalte raho subho shaam”

Brief Bio:

Gyan Prakash, Associate Vice President, Elnova Pvt. Ltd., hails from Begusarai, Bihar. His schooling was from Sainik School, Tilaiya and graduation & post-graduation from BHU. He did his MBA from IISM, Ranchi. Started his career with Wrigley’s India Pvt. Ltd. he then moved to Cavin Kare Pvt. Ltd. and subsequently to HLL, now Uniliver India, and then to Wipro E Peripherals (WeP). He has been with WeP for last 17 years. Elnova Pvt. Ltd is a 100% subsidiary of WeP.


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