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DigiCert – Securing Trust Amidst a World of Connectivity

DigiCert stands as the foremost global provider of digital trust, ensuring that both individuals and businesses can navigate the online landscape with confidence in the security of their digital presence. This assurance is crafted by DigiCert through its influence on shaping international industry standards, achieving excellence in global compliance and operations, managing certificate lifecycles for public and private trust, and extending trust into interconnected supply chains and ecosystems.

The foundation of digital trust lies in DigiCert ONE, a comprehensive platform designed to empower organizations with centralized visibility and control across a diverse spectrum of public and private trust requirements. This encompasses the security of websites, enterprise access and communication, software, identity, content, and devices.

DigiCert not only provides cutting-edge software but also couples it with industry leadership in standards, support, and operations. Unsurprisingly, it has emerged as the preferred digital trust provider for leading companies worldwide.

In an insightful discussion with The Interview World, Anant Deshpande, Regional Vice President – India and ASEAN at DigiCert, sheds light on the future of digital security products in an exponentially growing interconnected world. Here are the key highlights from his interview.

Q: What role does trust play in a digitally connected world, and how does DigiCert ensure trust in the digital landscape?

A: In today’s interconnected world, everything is linked. From devices to people, connections extend to applications, vendors, suppliers, and more. Amidst this intricate web, trust emerges as the cornerstone. It holds unparalleled significance. Consider your interaction with a banking app on your phone, for instance.

When engaging with such applications, the paramount question is, how can one be certain of the security of the connection? The same concern arises when flying on an airplane – how can one trust the security of the avionics system? Even now, as you record this video, there looms the question: can I trust that this footage won’t be manipulated into a deep fake tomorrow? These are valid concerns, underscoring the critical role of trust in our digital landscape.

At DigiCert, a pioneering organization at the forefront of providing digital trust solutions, this is not a mere proclamation; we have it in the fabric of our services. For instance, one of our key offerings CertCentral streamlines digital trust and automates the entire certificate management process. It consolidates tasks, making it efficient for issuing, installing, inspecting, remediating, and renewing TLS/SSL certificates—all within a unified platform. This simplification enhances the overall user experience and ensures a seamless workflow.

Through the issuance of digital certificates, we empower websites, internal organizational systems, and a plethora of devices such as IoT devices, phones, and applications. These certificates are the bedrock of secure connections, ensuring that trust is not just a concept but a tangible reality in our digitally intertwined existence.

Q: How has the market responded to DigiCert in India?

A: We have established a significant presence in India over an extended period. Our involvement in the country primarily stems from partnerships, notably with JNR Management Resources and several others. This enduring presence spans nearly two decades, during which we’ve witnessed India’s remarkable progress in advancing its digital footprint across various industries and sectors. Undoubtedly, DigiCert’s endeavors have garnered positive responses, aligning seamlessly with the country’s accelerating pace of digital transformation.

Q: What is your perspective on the global future of digital security products like these?

A: This topic is highly relevant. As of today, the global population stands at around 7 billion people. Simultaneously, the number of connected devices has already reached approximately 20 billion. Looking ahead to the next three to four years, envision a staggering increase to about 300 billion connected devices.

From a cybersecurity standpoint, we must recognize that each device and every screen presents a potential vulnerability for a cyber-attack. Consequently, safeguarding devices, applications, individuals, and software becomes of utmost importance. This comprehensive approach to security is at the core of DigiCert’s business strategy.

Q: What security measures and solutions does DigiCert offer to address the evident security lapses in the FinTech sector, ensuring the robust protection of financial systems and data?

A: In the realm of FinTech solutions, a key component lies in our signing solutions, especially pertinent for both public and private infrastructures. Our offering includes PKI solutions, a crucial aspect of our comprehensive suite.

For FinTech entities, the development of numerous software applications is inevitable. These applications, along with their interconnected counterparts, necessitate a systematic approach to signing. Whether it’s a new version or multiple documents in various formats, our signing solutions seamlessly cater to these diverse needs.

Consider the scenario within your organization where individuals connect using laptops, servers, and mobile devices. The connectivity of these devices requires a meticulous signing process, and our solutions are tailored to meet these specific demands. In essence, our repertoire comprises a multitude of solutions, addressing the intricate signing requirements for software, applications, documents in varied formats, and the connectivity of devices utilized within FinTech organizations.

DigiCert - The Preferred Digital Trust Partner in a Connected World
DigiCert – The Preferred Digital Trust Partner in a Connected World

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