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Devain HealthCare Empowering Patients in Healthcare Choices

Devain HealthCare revolutionizes the healthcare landscape with its pioneering HealthTech platform, designed to empower patients with unprecedented transparency throughout their treatment journeys. By seamlessly bridging the gap between healthcare providers and patient needs, this innovative startup endeavors to democratize access to top-quality healthcare solutions for all individuals.

At the forefront of their offerings is HealHop, a groundbreaking hospital discovery platform that aggregates premier dental and eye hospitals into a single, user-friendly interface. HealHop not only simplifies the hospital selection process but also empowers patients with comprehensive pre-treatment services, enabling them to make informed decisions about their healthcare needs. Moreover, HealHop facilitates medical value travel, streamlining the entire process for patients seeking treatment, thereby enhancing their overall experience.

Aligned with the “Heal in India” initiative initiated by the Government of India, HealHop actively promotes medical tourism within the country, positioning India as a global hub for healthcare services.

In a candid exchange with The Interview World, Devanshu Jain, the visionary Founder of Devain HealthCare, offered invaluable insights into the platform’s extensive hospital network, the enthusiastic market response it has garnered, and its ambitious long-term vision.

Q: What innovative solutions is Devain HealthCare pioneering within the healthtech sector?

A: Presently, we are in the process of constructing a revolutionary hospital discovery platform within our medical value travel service. Through strategic alliances with National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) accredited hospitals across Delhi-NCR, we are laying the groundwork for a comprehensive healthcare solution.

Our primary focus revolves around two crucial domains: dental and ophthalmology (eye care). By concentrating on these areas, we aim to provide patients with specialized care and expertise tailored to their needs. This emphasis ensures that individuals receive optimal treatment and attention throughout their medical journey.

Our commitment extends beyond mere facilitation; we serve as a beacon of trust for patients navigating the complexities of healthcare. By guiding them to accredited facilities, we alleviate concerns surrounding the discovery and treatment process, empowering patients to make informed decisions about their health.

In essence, Devain Healthcare streamlines the healthcare experience from start to finish. From initial discovery to treatment completion, we handle every aspect with precision and care. This holistic approach not only fosters patient satisfaction but also underscores our dedication to enhancing healthcare accessibility and affordability.

As our reputation for reliability spreads, we attract a diverse clientele, including residents from tier 2 and tier 3 cities, as well as international patients seeking quality, cost-effective treatment. Through our endeavors, we strive to bridge the gap in healthcare provision, offering solutions where they are most needed.

Q: What is the total count of hospitals that have successfully integrated into your platform?

A: With our meticulous hospital onboarding process, we ensure only the highest standards are met. Each potential hospital undergoes thorough scrutiny before being considered. Presently, our network boasts two dental hospitals, one eye care hospital, and one multispecialty hospital, all strategically located in Delhi or the surrounding NCR region. However, our quest for excellence continues as we actively seek further high-quality hospitals to join our esteemed network, thereby enriching the healthcare landscape we aim to create.

Q: What kind of market response your organization is receiving?

A: We’re delighted to report a positive response, as all our current patients originate from Delhi NCR. Their confidence in our platform stems from its perceived trustworthiness. Previously, they grappled with the daunting task of comparing options across four different locations. However, with our comprehensive checks completed on their behalf, this burden has been alleviated. Now, they can seamlessly raise inquiries and navigate through our platform without the need to undergo the exhaustive process of verification themselves. This streamlined approach not only saves them time but also reinforces their trust in our services, fostering a smoother patient experience.

Q: What role do you see yourself fulfilling in terms of providing healthcare support—are you aiming to serve as a substitute for a family doctor?

A: The enduring concept of the family doctor centers around the provision of genuine and trustworthy advice. Patients rely on these healthcare professionals to offer guidance and support in all matters related to their health. This principle is ingrained in our approach as well. When individuals seek dental care at our practice, they encounter a similar ethos of patient-centered care. Our dentists assess each case meticulously, ensuring that treatments are only recommended when truly necessary.

There have been instances where patients have been advised to postpone certain procedures for a later time, as immediate intervention wasn’t imperative. This approach reflects the essence of the family doctor concept – prioritizing the patient’s well-being above all else. When individuals choose to seek treatment with us, they can rest assured that they are in capable hands. Trust forms the foundation of our relationship with patients, and we strive to maintain that trust by delivering thoughtful and considerate care.

Q: What additional medical domains or diseases are slated for inclusion in your program soon?

A: As we move forward, our focus will encompass cosmetic and orthopedic surgeries, with potential expansions into transplants and joint replacements. Additionally, our vision includes broadening our services. Currently, our dental and ophthalmology services are concentrated in Delhi NCR. Nevertheless, we are actively planning to extend our presence to key cities such as Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai. This strategic expansion aims to offer our specialized healthcare services to a wider demographic and meet the growing demand across diverse regions.

Devain HealthCare - Simplifying Hospital Discovery
Devain HealthCare – Simplifying Hospital Discovery


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